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Next time people wanna talk identity politics, you can gladly remind them how stupid a reductionist look at the world is. Because in an era of black revolt, every identity category, except white men voted more right than they did four years ago. This is all to say race + gender ≠ comrade. See you in the daycare co-op, in the streets, in the propaganda basement, and in the million ways to support a classless, free society.

It's sad some people thought an election would stop Trump. It actually involves a lot more risk, like a lot more.

It's Going Down: **As the Far-Right Escalates Calls for Violence & Trump for a Coup; Police & National Guard Deploy Against Protests**

"In the face of massive early voter turnout and a flood of mail-in ballots, Trump, in a last ditch effort, is continuing to signal that he will refuse to accept the outcome of the election; falling back on the combined power of the supr…"

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From Real People's Media via Zucksite

Reinforced barricades are up at Six Nations following the OPP raid on Oct 22. Land defenders now directly control about 18.8 square kilometres of land adjacent to the Six Nations reserve, and have informed the OPP of their intentions to keep them out of the area until negotiations resolve the issue.

Letter to Michael Reinoehl
By Idris Robinson

"... what they are afraid of is not so much ending up on the smoky side of the barrel of gun. Instead, what they are really afraid of is having another person’s blood on their hands. Put better, it is what is implied by spilling another’s blood that constitutes their deepest fears. It would mean that they would finally have to believe in something—that is, believe in something beyond themselves"

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A must read, though if you've got a big heart it may cause 😭.

"and yes Michael, you did the same, when in protecting both yourself and your friend, you brought to reality the chant, otherwise carelessly echoed, that "No Lives Matter Until Black Lives Matter".

Such a conversion of words into deeds inherently involves a fundamental transformation of the self. This is what Benjamin meant when he said that it is more about what is done to the doer than to the victim."

EFF's "Atlas of Surveillance" shows, city by city, how police departments across America use a variety of new surveillance tech to spy on their residents. What do your local police use?

Flaming barricades go up in after the cops attack native land defenders. This on the same day a judge granted a permanent injunction against

On this episode of the IGD podcast, we spoke with William C Anderson, co-author of 'As Black As Resistance' about the post-rebellion world, the need to continue to build mutual aid programs + the survival economy, pushing back on media narratives + what comes next.

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