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This month marks the 85th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War and Revolution. We spoke with Mark Bray in 2019 about the lessons the successes and failures of the anarchist movement then leaves us with today.

ICYMI: We launched a new column, featuring anarchist and anti-colonial news, action, and analysis across so-called Canada. Check it out!

On our latest podcast, we spoke with long-time anarchist @margaret about what an anarchist approach to prepping looks like in an age of global warming.

Sorry we've been MIA on here for the past few weeks, we hope to be more active on this platform in the coming months. Thanks to everyone who has followed us so far.

The past two weeks in LA show:
-Even without Trump, the Right can still manufacture a fake crisis from a hoax video.
-Despite small numbers, the Right can still be extremely violent.
-When handfuls of Proud Boys + Qanon supporters can't stop the opposition - LAPD bullets can.

[:tw: β€” #bot]

@kolektiva is now hosting the largest collection of anarchist films anywhere with the addition of the Stuart Christie film archive!

It is not about diversity and inclusion.

Nor is it about the treatment of people of color, whoever or whatever they are…

It’s the fact that black niggas, and not bipocs, are locked down in prison, and mostly everyone, and likely even you yourself, at least on a subconscious level, believes that they actually belong there.

Dear all,

As some might have noticed, we just transitioned from our former instance to

The reason is simple: Our old instance,, is closing down in a week, so we decided to join our comrades at !

Thanks for hanging on!


@SlaytheSystem no easy way to say it but autonomy means running the infra. And if we want to collectivize, that means making accessible, understandable, reproducible that which sustains us. Taking the DIY to a whole new level. Although on another day we might also say: the task is to convert it all to ashes..

@prolrage we would understand if another rocket πŸš€ hit that building πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. They use the BLM banner to forget the militancy of last year where revolutionaries burned down a precinct, stole back billions of dollars, and manifested rebellion in hundreds of cities - Which did more to advance black people's struggle than the US gov has ever done.

In short: ain't nobody believe the lies and hypocrisy, the blatant attempt at recuperation.

@APoD @flugennock sings along with Maria Dimitriadi drinks Ouzo and hoists the black 🏴

@ItsTrainingCatsAndDogs also sex workers might have some insight in to this, since they deal with unknown risky situations as an occupational hazard.

@ItsTrainingCatsAndDogs also maybe more immediate, letting friends know where you'll be and when, and if they don't hear from you at an expected time they should go to the address. Some phone apps allow you to share your location with select people.

@ItsTrainingCatsAndDogs also creating a mix of fake and real information about yourself online is another tactic. What can be believed, what needs to be? What lies are okay and helpful. Can you present your business as a team of people so therefore it introduces more uncertainty for would be attackers. Can you register as an anonymous LLC in your state, change your legal name, your preferred name, your business name, Po box, any legal tricks to sow confusion. Throwing out options, best of luck!

@ItsTrainingCatsAndDogs additionally not going it alone, having community support, other businesses, neighbors aware that this harassment is happening is a powerful safety mechanism, building a network that looks out for you, checks in on you, expects you certain places and times. Being open and working to build the community is healthy, resilient enough to be a web of support. Tools like personal alarms are good to bring attention to you - although the animal friends may not like loud noises.

@ItsTrainingCatsAndDogs sounds rough! Some general advice that comes to mind is self-confidence and situational awareness go far. Working for a centered body and mind through daily affirmations, practice, meditation, fight training along w/ mace & other self defense products. If you're going the public route about politics then owning them loudly may be a bit of a turn off to the fash, because there's less game/reward - nothing to expose and no challenge for them, unless they want a fight. @senzubean I think smaller than 100mb on this instance. For larger vids, is good

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