Whew...sorry for the huge wall of text, and thank you for getting that discussion going and pointing us all to that piece.

We all need to be doing exercises like that right now, and where I am this is definitely happening.

I would encourage everyone, though, rather than these sort of meta exercises, focus on the area around you, where conflict will occur in your context. That will help ground this discussion in effective, immediate, strategic calculation.

Ronald Reagan update: Ronald Reagan is still totally dead and rotting

@tansyfeuilles help us out, how can we become more federated? Thanks!

sure would be a shame. sure would be awful hard for the cops to do much about it after their resources being stretched like this for months on end.

The impunity & assistance Portland police have offered to violent fascist & neo-Nazi organizations in recent years (rosecityantifa.org/articles/li; rosecityantifa.org/articles/20) may seem shocking—and it should—but it is also part of a very long tradition. ohs.org/blog/the-first-time-na

An intense campaign of smears and disinformation about a bogeyman version of "ANTIFA" has made "conservative" pro-cop agitators like Audra Price, Sally Hill, Shelby Walman, and Michael Heppner amenable to collaborating directly with violent fascists & neo-Nazis. rosecityantifa.org/articles/s2

Expect us to use this platform and other alternative media platforms more and more frequently, as anarchist projects continue to be censored from corporate social media. 🖤

The fascist Proud Boys hate group is planning to hold a violent rally with their far-right & neo-Nazi allies on 9/26 in Portland. This moment calls for all of us to show up for community solidarity against fascism! twitter.com/PopMobPDX/status/1

@BillyPilgrim don't know about iOS, but you can use a web browser for sure. For android we've heard of Thorium and NewPipe and peertube-android

@BillyPilgrim basically it's a youtube replacement. You can watch videos without the concern of ads, tracking, or corporate interest. You create also an account and follow users, upload content... it has the added benefit of sharing bandwidth load off of our servers and between people watching the same video at the same time (kinda like bittorrent)

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