Next time people wanna talk identity politics, you can gladly remind them how stupid a reductionist look at the world is. Because in an era of black revolt, every identity category, except white men voted more right than they did four years ago. This is all to say race + gender β‰  comrade. See you in the daycare co-op, in the streets, in the propaganda basement, and in the million ways to support a classless, free society.

A must read, though if you've got a big heart it may cause 😭.

"and yes Michael, you did the same, when in protecting both yourself and your friend, you brought to reality the chant, otherwise carelessly echoed, that "No Lives Matter Until Black Lives Matter".

Such a conversion of words into deeds inherently involves a fundamental transformation of the self. This is what Benjamin meant when he said that it is more about what is done to the doer than to the victim."

Philip Anderson, a one of the fascist rally leaders, punched by counter protester before the rally started. Proud boys pushed back into barricaded area at UN Plaza in SF.

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San Francisco- hundreds of locals ran a tiny rally of extreme right wingers out of the city!!! The counter protest was organized autonomously by local black and brown radicals as well as other militant accomplices. The fash showed up, got chased, punched and then had their speeches drowned out and were escorted out of the city by the SFPD while hundreds held down the Bay.

Sending love and respect to all the fighters on this 15 year anniversary of the Toledo riots. We'll never forget the rainfall of bricks on the Nazis and the police + media that protected them. A thousand gratitudes to the neighbors who gave water to rebels from their house windows and to the mama who said to her son "come on honey pick up that brick- we fucking the police today".

Be a hero, Do Graffiti.
as ICE announces they will be launching billboards displaying the faces of and targeting people who are undocumented, here is a VERY detailed video on how to fill a fire extinguisher with paint.

More than nine years ago, on April 15, 2011, the residents of CherΓ‘n rose up and removed from their community illegal loggers linked to cartels, the municipal authorities, and the police. In the time since, they created an autonomous communal government where political power rests in the hands of the community and that has been designed to meet the needs of the more than 20,000 inhabitants of CherΓ‘n.

An armed California man who is alleged to have driven his truck into a crowd of peaceful racial justice protesters this year was using his family's vineyard as a "training camp" to prepare for "civil disorders," federal authorities said Wednesday.

Benjamin Hung, 28, was charged with one count of conspiracy to transport firearms and making a false statement in acquisition of firearms, according to a criminal complaint filed this week in US District Court for Central Cal.

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