On July 4th, hundreds rallied and marched in , , shutting down Interstate-5 in defiance of attacks on reproductive freedom + beyond.

Reports from that police have tear-gassed those rallying outside the jail, demanding the release of the “approximately 50 adults” who have been arrested since the start of the protests. On Monday, police instilled a curfew + tear-gassed street protests.

"Banning abortions won’t stop abortions. It will drive them underground and make them unsafe. They decided to overturn Roe v. Wade [and started a] perpetrate war on femme bodies..." itsgoingdown.org/tucson-banner

Anger grows on the streets of , as riot police shoot off tear-gas and declare an unlawful assembly as crowds gather to protest the police murder of .

New episode of - out now! Includes a panel discussion with @butchanarchy on attacks on , the eruption in the streets, and building grassroots networks + infrastructure of support. itsgoingdown.org/this-is-ameri

Proud Boys (and a few cops) get the spicy end of a stream of pepper-spray, after the fascists attempted to storm a community event in , right outside of .

Prisoners in are calling for a phone-zap after a wave of protests on the anniversary of the murder of . "There have been hunger strikes, fires, prisoners attempting to fight off a half dozen or more storm troopers..." itsgoingdown.org/nc-prisoners-

People tearing down fences in at ongoing reproductive freedom protests last night.

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we talk with both long-time anarchist organizer Suzy Subways and historian Spencer Beswick about how anarchists in the 1990s organized in the face of a deadly far-Right attack on abortion access across the so-called United States. itsgoingdown.org/clinic-defens

June 11th BBQ in solidarity with long-time anarchist prisoners in helped raise some coin today! Remember - its never too late to send letters of support to those locked inside! phlanticap.noblogs.org/philly-

For almost two decades on @june11, people have been gathering to raise money, send letters, and show solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners. Check out our list of June 11th events, from SF to NYC, here - and let us know about any we missed! itsgoingdown.org/upcomingevent

Catch IGD on the radio today at 12PM PST on @kpfaradio
at 94.1 FM in , 88.1 in , 97.5 in + 94.3 in . We'll be speaking with @miaagainstfash about how they exposed Republican cross-over with Neo-fascist groups like the Proud Boys.

On Canadian Tire Fire, international students occupy front of university in ; actions continue in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en against pipeline; houseless tear down fence against displacement; protests spread in solidarity with . itsgoingdown.org/canadian-tire

"This is just a small expression of support and appreciation to those out in Atlanta holdin’ down the forest against the State. Y’all are heard loud and clear, and your fortitude is recognized from afar!" itsgoingdown.org/from-menomoni

As police + Fox News play up fears of "outside agitators," as Kamau Franklin explains, , which threatens the forest, will be used to train police from across the world in violent counter-insurgency tactics to put down social movements. itsgoingdown.org/this-is-ameri

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