: A far-Right Trump supporter, identified by antifascists online at Ryan Martinez, has been arrested by police after shooting an Indigenous protester (who is in reported stable condition) in so-called Española, New Mexico at a protest calling for the removal of conquistador, Juan de Oñate, called by the organization The Red Nation.

On social media the event was billed as a "prayerful protest." The statue was put into storage during the George Floyd uprising and was supposed to be put back on display this week at the Rio Arriba County building, which for the last week, has been the site of ongoing Native-led demonstrations, prayer, and protest - successfully delaying the statue being re-erected.

This is the second time that a far-Right counter-protester has shot and injured someone over the statue. On June 15th, Stephen Baca shot a protester at a rally calling for the statue's removal.

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