Today, far-Right supporters of ousted President Jair Bolsonaro, (who is currently in Florida), stormed the National Congress building and have attempted to enter the Planalto Palace. Check @CrimethInc for updates.

Since Bolsonaro lost the election, far-Right figures like Steve Bannon, a former investment banker at Goldman Sachs and head of the pro-Trump white Breitbart, has pushed election denial conspiracies while building ties between far-Right movements in Brazil and the US.

Jair son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, is also a part of Steve Bannon's group, "The Movement," which has linked together neo-fascist, white nationalist, and far-Right political parties across the US, Europe, and Latin America. Eduardo has also helped bring the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference to Brazil, further linking fascist leaning elements in the GOP with those from the Bolsonaro camp.

In November, the Washington Post reported that Eduardo Bolsonaro met with Trump at Mar-a-lago as well as with Bannon and "former Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller, now CEO of the social media company Gettr."

Bannon has pushed Bolsonaro not to concede to losing the election and is clearly helping to craft a strategy that seeks to seize state power by force - just like on January 6th in the US.

Like the fascists, our movements need to be global in opposition and just like in the US, we can't put our hopes on the neoliberals to contain and stop the spread of authoritarianism.

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