For some of us, Food Not Bombs may have been the first anarchist activity that we engage in. Many folks today are involved in mutual aid projects. Do you still participate in Food Not Bombs groups? Is there one in your town? Got better things to do? What is your experience?

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@igd_news I have always wanted to. Unsure who to talk to or where to start.

@TakeV you can check out: another way is to search on Facebook or IG, see if a group pops up.

@TakeV @igd_news talk to friends who like to cook and believe everyone needs food. get some supplies from thrift stores, like a large soup pot. find a community space that can be used for this purpose. advertise when and where serving will be. then collectively cook and serve your food!

there's no registration or anything like that required. but do be very wary of local laws which prohibit serving free food in public, and be prepared if such a law exists, cause ACAB.

@TakeV @igd_news also, you'll want to find some sources of discarded groceries, ie day-old bread from bakeries, veg and fruit discards that weren't pretty enough to sell. you can fund groceries as well, but that gets expensive. put a donation cup on your serving table for consumable supplies like plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery.

@crashglasshouses @TakeV Other sources of food also might include donations at local farmers markets or a food co-op / health food store that might be sympathetic. If you can find a store that throws out lots of stuff in their dumpsters, that might be another option.

@igd_news @crashglasshouses I have been trying to put together a permablitz for the purpose of providing food for such endeavors.
My thinking is that it builds community bonds, swaps skills, helps break the learned helplessness we have under capitalism, and feeds people.

@TakeV @crashglasshouses Nice. Think FNB provides many with a lot of different ideas and skills, but it nice that so many are experimenting with new forms and formats for food projects, from grocery programs to land projects building food forests, etc.

@TakeV @igd_news places like Shoppers' Drug Mart will throw away tons of huge unopened coffee cans because the "best before" date passed like a day or two before they were dumpstered.

@TakeV @igd_news @crashglasshouses a federation of moms that make sure everyone has plenty of veggies and blankets :sparkles:

@crashglasshouses @TakeV @igd_news
In Los Angeles they told us that the reason the cops couldn't fuck with fnb is because they distribute literature, and that makes it a freedom of speech issue.

@igd_news There isn't one in my city and I don't have the energy to start it myself :(

@hazelnot Word, they can take a lot of effort. One thing that's popping up in a lot of places post-pandemic is the 'free fridges,' which act as mutual aid hubs, but with a lot less work.

@igd_news "post"-pandemic 🥲

But yeah, I don't think this is a thing at all in Romania. *Maybe* in Bucharest but I don't live there

@igd_news I would really like to, but sadly I don’t think there is something like that here and I have social anxiety so I’m definitely not able to start a fnb group, even just working up the courage to join one would be hard for me

@hirchofillipi @igd_news in fairness, the "not bombs" references their anti-war stance. This does cause some confusion though; Most of the groups in Ukraine, for example, have recently changed their names so as not to be conflated with the folks who wanted immediate surrender to russia.

@igd_news No, I don't even known any FNB-like orgs near where I live. There are charities, which are of course not even related to solidarity / mutual aid -- they even charge money from poor people! But I once cooked in a vegan community kitchen in an (eco-anarchist) occupation for a few weeks, which was a lot of fun :)

#FoodNotBombs #FNB

@igd_news I know there *was* an FnB chapter where I am, but they're hard to get in touch with, often go months without updating anything, and often have old contact info around (e.g., their website is dead, another related one leads to a pizza shop's menu).

Which is sad because I've tried finding people associated with them, and it seems like a lot of them aren't even living in the city anymore (lots of emigration from here, which creates major gaps and confusion).

Probably the closest still-functioning and still-updating one would be Prague.

@igd_news In another city I lived/worked in, though, I used to work with the elderly restaurant owners that were located in my apartment-community in the evening to help hand out cooked meals to the homeless population. They initially started these kinds of projects because their small shops couldn't keep the rest of the produce, but kept it going even after they got shared storage.

Would honestly love to see more places here working like this (and if they are, I'd be game to get involved).

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