How should anarchists respond when right-Libertarian figures pushing reactionary ideas like Michael Malice call themselves 'anarchists' on big shows like Joe Rogan? Check out interview with @chill_goblin here.

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@igd_news @chill_goblin the same way we always have: fuck their shit up

it's not like the boss' media vilifying and discrediting anarchists with crypto-fascist bullshit is a new thing.

@crashglasshouses @chill_goblin agreed, it does seem though that there are more and more right-Libertarians attempting to brand themselves as 'anarchists' in the 'anarcho'-capitalist tradition + are willing to become part of a wider far-Right coalition - more so than during the first wave of the Alt-Right in 2015. Its at least something to think about.

@igd_news Seriously, I hate this "anarcho-capitalism" bullshit! Right-wingers have always been trying to steal from us and occupy the scene and now they even wanna claim and renew the term "anarchist" for themselves. It's all part of their fucking plan to cause confusion and shift the Overton window. @chill_goblin

@igd_news @chill_goblin Just a thought—the anarcho-caps are probably less anti-state and more anti-government (, but I guess they don't take definitions that seriously; and the important point you make is that they're bringing violent, dangerous fascists or white supremacists with them; and I agree that everyone who opposes brutality and people who want to rule us has to somehow put a stop to them because our benevolent protectors (law enforcement) usually help white supremacist terror (or *are* white terrorists) and come down on anti-fascists.

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