We've said it before and we'll say it again. Liberals in 2021 are like right wing memes of liberals in 2019...

Not a good look:


lol wut, is this the aussie branch of The Onion? good gaawd

@goldcarrot @igd_news australia seems to have chosen to do the most blatantly repressive covid measures possible.

@anarchistbicycleclub @goldcarrot nothing more free than one big jail of self-jailing citizens mate. 2021: jail has become an app.


update: marketing team has changed the app to " j ā l e ", believed to have more chic appeal to zellenials, users lovingly refer to "myJ"

@igd_news The Liberal party of Australia are already the more right wing of the two main parties of Australia, their rivals being the Labour party; Liberal being used in its traditional meaning here than the American one

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