Our pathetically under funded, and aging electrical grid is almost 90yr old. Some parts of it are the original that Nikola Tesla designed. In 2016 they speculated that it would take $5T to replace it, wich is sorely needed. Because it is sparking wildfires, and has more outages than most exploited countries.

Yet Democrats aren't even able to pass a $2T package, that's not even being obstructed by anybody but themselves. Not to mention, 70% of all infrastructure needs replaced.


@SlaytheSystem no easy way to say it but autonomy means running the infra. And if we want to collectivize, that means making accessible, understandable, reproducible that which sustains us. Taking the DIY to a whole new level. Although on another day we might also say: the task is to convert it all to ashes..

@igd_news I need to sit down one of these days and write out my thoughts on a connected Social media, architecture. For Decentralized, collaborative design and automated production.

But as you said, I fear, we're just waiting for it to burn away, so we can grow a new garden on our terms.

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