We jump straight into a discussion about Wednesday’s events at the US capitol, peep it:

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@igd_news What happened last night was a "coup" in the sense that my throwing a pie in the Dean's face at the senior-year Christmas Ball was a "coup".


@igd_news Now, I've been very lucky to have been sprayed at/caught some tear gas a grand total of once in my entire protest "career", but... they take one blast of spray, and bust up and run? All these All-American bad-ass freedom fighters? And now they're against the police? Man, that's friggin' gold.

@igd_news Dude, c'mon; that was so not a coup attempt. That scene was maybe a putsch, at the very most. Like, they trained by watching Juan Guaido and that bunch. Like, a Little League putsch, too, man; not even Babe Ruth League.

@flugennock Oh I agree it wasn't a coup attempt. But then again, I'm just a part of IGD and didn't do the podcast... so damn my other half for having the voice, I only have the keyboard on here.

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