It's hard for anarchists to see this as a time of celebration... another president was elected. The past several years of social movement work, while necessary and inevitable, must not be neatly packaged into a story about on how "we beat Trump". Because for us - our work is not done. The Democrats do not get to capitalize on the death of those who risked, of black people, on the appearance of victory. Another ruling class is not a success, we'll feel elated when together we can breathe.


Further more, our strength isn't in the Democrats or the democratic process, it's not in mob rule or tribalism. Anarchism is something decidedly different. Rioting is something decidedly different, the free and unconstrained expression is authentic. So nobody get it twisted - these temporary affinities in the streets, temporary comradeships in actions are mad important. Just as enduring committed relationships give us something to feel rooted in. We can build the undercommons not the party.

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