What is Kolectiva's answer to Facebook groups?
Is that lists? Anyways :anarchoheart3:
For example for one to set up a network of coordinated neighborhood assemblies...where people could join the online discussion by joining...
Would it be best if such a network had its
own mastodon server or can a group be created on Kolectiva?

@igd_news That's so cool! is the way! After looking at it a bit a Mobilization instance is a server unto-itself would it be named Kolectiva also?
Is there a definite advantage to making your own instance instead of joining somebody elses?

@Hammer well, more autonomy! IGDs mission is to provide a resilient platform to publicize and promote revolutionary theory and action. The fediverse is great because it means we're just another participant and the weight of everything doesn't fall on a handful of overworked people. And yes kolektiva branded, no eta yet.

@igd_news. Checking back how's it going on the Mobilizon instance? Hope you got your holiday burritos and ☕

@Hammer happy to report @kolektiva had a collective meeting today and while it's relatively easy for us to launch a new service, we want to make sure it works well- both technically and community wise. So we're gonna be busy bees and will let ya know when we know 🖤

@igd_news @kolektiva. That's a good call! Doing it well makes all the difference! Thanks for doing what ya do! Looking forward to seeing things as they grow!❤

@igd_news fuck Zuc he’s probably a bigger fascist than Trump tbh- he has SO much power

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