Rest in Power Michael Forest Reinoehl

The state has just assassinated a militant antifascist. Michael acted against fascist street terror and in defense of the people of and in defense of the struggle for liberation. There has been a disgusting amount of slander by those who want social peace (a return to normal). He acted courageously in the ongoing civil war and passed a martyr. We remember him and his revolutionary deeds. The state has taken so many.

"Instead of our being attended to, instead of our being aided and supported, we have been treated like outlaws, and accused of being "uncontrollable", because we did not subordinate the rhythm of our lives, which we desired and still desire to be free, to the stupid whims of those who, occupying a seat in some ministry or on some committee, sottishly and arrogantly regarded themselves as the masters of men..." -A Day Mournful and Overcast

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... to expand just a little more, what's important about Michael's past week is the strength and principle to act decisively, an act with which was too great for the white supremacist state. He had crossed a line with white on white violence. His death sentence is not a surprise, but another reminder of why this social contract needs to end. Anarchists do not fetishize violence, nor is the spirit of this post meant to say armed struggle is the only struggle, but to call attention to the stakes

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