There is a phone zap for Keith 'Comrade Malik' Washington of the SF BayView Newspaper who is being threatened with re-incarceration because news has gotten out about a covid outbreak at his halfway house he is now not allowed to leave!

Shame on BOP & GEO groups! #FreeMalik! #FreeThemAll!

So stoked for this!

Former Black Panthers, Lorenzo Komboa Ervin and JoNina Abron-Ervin just launched their own podcast!

"For me this underlines the need to build an independent, revolutionary and anti-authoritarian mass direct action movement, oriented to the working-class and oppressed communities."

"In all neighbourhoods, by all means, our voices must be heard. No police solution to the pandemic should be accepted. Let’s resist the authoritarianism in place and to come, and let’s fight against curfew! We should not expect anything from a government led by a sinister paternalistic accountant blinded by power and only serving its political base."

We watched this day as a liberal establishment shed spineless tears, a delusional grassroots fascist effort played coup games under the babysitter’s gaze of the police, and the media desperately tried to explain the situation, with cautious laughter: ‘It’s only cosplay, nothing to see here!’

Why We Need Real Anarchy

Politicians have come together across the aisle to decry the storming of the Capitol on January 6 as “lawless,” “anti-democratic,” and “extremist,” going so far as to misrepresent the result as “anarchy.” The problem with the invasion of the Capitol was not that it was unlawful, undemocratic, or extremist, per se, but that it was an effort to concentrate oppressive power in the hands of an autocrat—which is precisely the opposite of anarchy.

Direct action, militant tactics, and a critique of electoral politics will remain essential to movements against fascism and state violence. We must not let the far right gentrify revolt, nor permit centrists to confuse the issue.

Our Ben Fletcher book event is occuring online tomorrow, and we've got plenty of physical copies of the book in stock! Open til ten tonight, 6-10 tomorrow, and at least 12-6 every day through the weekend.

#J20: Close the Camps

A call to protest against detainments at ICE detention centers, ICE field offices, and police stations that cooperate with ICE on January 20.

#AbolishICE #StopFamilySeparation

Happy birthday to Jeremy Hammond! Jeremy was convicted of computer fraud in 2013 for hacking the private intelligence firm Stratfor and releasing data to WikiLeaks, and sentenced to 10 years in prison. At sentencing, he read a blistering statement indicting the system he was fighting, which you can read in our book Defiance: Anarchist Statements before Judge and Jury.

1/ This is a comparison more people should be making. In 1898, a couple thousand white supremacists successfully overturned an election in North Carolina, destroying a powerful, anti-capitalist coalition of poor white and recently emancipated Black farmers (the Fusionists).

Finally made it onto mastadon! No surprise here, but it probably won't be long before our instagram is removed. We've had about 20 posts removed in the past 6 months for violating one rule or another. Looking forward to saying ACAB without it being taken down for 'bullying'. Please enjoy the last video we posted that got taken down (twice).

Unicorn Riot: **PSS Spy Plane Plan Slides Sneakily into St. Louis**

"St. Louis, MO – Aerial surveillance company Persistent Surveillance Systems (PSS) negotiated a plan in secret with a member of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen with hopes of flying multiple spy planes simultaneously over the city’s metro area in 2021. The plan that PSS… The post…"

#anarchism #bot

Need an action name? Curious about anarchist ancestors?

Check out this ridiculously rad archive listing of female anarchists throughout history:
:anfem: :anqueer:

San Francisco: Nancy Pelosi had a wake up call.

Seems to becoming a more common practice to deliver a message at politicians homes.

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