🤲🏿✨🥀 R.M. Shoatz, B. Hooks .. may the elders watch over us and give us the strength to carry on their work. 🖤🌌

The resiliency of @CrimethInc to weather storms, fires, and repression is made by the international network of brave hearts and creative minds that act in solidarity for freedom. May those moved by the idea 🏴 find each other & journey together. Big 🖤 to the ex-worker collective.

Now also published by @igd_news, if you're wondering where abolitionists (especially in Minneapolis and in the U.S.) need to go from here: itsgoingdown.org/an-invitation

Down to the literal last single sticker for this delete facebook design. Get you this one and others in bulk for covering your neighborhood: etsy.com/listing/975931086/sti

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Fuck the judge, Fuck Kyle, Fuck the jury, Fuck everybody that believes in the justice system because it all says to the white kids "hey, go be a teenager vigilante".

Sleydo of @gidimten checkpoint talks to @igd_news about the ongoing blockade against , the power of the alliance between Indigenous land defenders and and more itsgoingdown.org/this-is-ameri

Hello fediverse.

On 11/10 we experienced hardware failure that took out servers offline for two days.

Some faulty memory corrupted our hard drive and it took quite some time to restore 1.5TB of memes!

If you can, send some 🌯💲 to our Bitcoin or Liberapay page to get better equipment

BTC: bc1qh32d2gen82fyq8jv0upt74s645s7p65tllwh88
Liberapay: en.liberapay.com/kolektiva/

In love and rage,

Tonight! At 7 PM IGD will be on the 'Feel the News' show, an anarchist/comedy show with guests. Check their channel for more info: youtube.com/channel/UCiiKdeIQP

Meanwhile the fight to stop the clear-cut logging of an ancient forest (massive carbon sink) also in unceded Indigenous land in "BC" continues. Canadian federal police have waged a violent offensive against the activists but the battle is far from over.

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We will be at Grand Army Plaza again this Sat ( tomorrow! ) 12-3pm under the arch. Come bring winter coats, sweaters, scarves, hats. .

#Portland Qanon + 'Stop the Steal' supporter gets probation for firing "handgun at courthouse multiple times because he "wanted to get in front of court for political + patriotic reasons."' Compare this to extreme charges facing #GeorgeFloyd protesters. rawstory.com/cody-melby/

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/IGD_News/st#bot]

New podcast, on how the MAGA block of the GOP and the fascist Right are solidifying in a variety of forms. itsgoingdown.org/anti-vaxx-cop

WET'SUWET'EN STRONG, ONE MONTH ON: Coyote Camp Victory on the Gidimt’en Frontline


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