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Absolutes and Approximations (More Notes on the Development of Proudhon’s Thought)
"Humanity proceeds by approximations." — Proudhon, Theory of Property — This statement by Proudhon was one of the central elements of what was, in retrospect, the first attempt to understand mutualism as a neo-Proudhonian anarchism in the unfinish
'un -JosephProudhon

“Recollections of Six Days’ Journey in the Moon,” by an Aerio-Nautical Man (1844)
Being a devoted lover of travelling, partly on account of the agreeable dissipation of mind it produces, but more especially the dignity and consequence derived from breathing the air of foreign lands, I have been seriously aggrieved at this lamentab

Anarchist Encyclopedia: Harlequin
n. m.
Arlequin est un personnage comique dont on fait remonter les origines au sannio, bouffon des farces latines, et qui, de la scène italienne, a passé depuis le XVIIème siècle sur presque tous les théâtres de l’Europe. Il porte un habit composé de petits morceaux de drap triangulair

Anarchist Encyclopedia: Art (Han Ryner)
Certains grands se font, au besoin, une solitude dans la foule, à force d’indifférence. Descartes se sent également seul et libre d’esprit parmi l’agitation d’une vie de marchands ou « dans son poêle ». Mais celui qui travaille vraiment dans la foule, avec les pensées et les habit

Anarchist Encyclopedia: Ulterior Motive
On entend par arrière-pensée l’intention cachée qui guide un individu. Par exemple, l’arrière-pensée du candidat aux élections législatives est qu’il se moque absolument de ses électeurs et qu’il désire être envoyé au Parlement pour satisfaire son ambition ou se faire

Guinea-Pig Fleet — Hiroshima Tattoo (2021)
Guinea-Pig Fleet was really the culmination of the first set of Libertatia Laboratories projects — some twenty years ago — a noisy sort of "ambient" project, driven by research I was doing at the time on nuclear and incendiary warfare, nuclear tests and civil defense.

What Bears Repeating, Part I
I'm sharing the tracks here with a bit of a nod and wink. They are, among other things, uncharacteristically musical, even if that musicality is a bit mutated.

Embracing Anarchy — Introduction
We become anarchists by embracing and internalizing anarchy. We express that internalized anarchy by constructing anarchisms. I take this to be a kind of general formula, describing the relations between three key concepts — anarchy, anarchist and anarchism — in their most general senses. This formula should be appli

libertatia laboratories — synthetic soundscapes

A quick experiment in generating sounds for sleeping, using Wotja, Cubase and a few basic fx patches.

hors du troupeau — relays & reconstructions
(November 12) — Two inches in the rain gauge this morning — and this was the view (more or less) as I completed the outline for the project yesterday, in the uncertain shelter of a big Western Red Cedar, looking over a rising Kelly Creek. The rain was nearly over by the time I finished and left,

Along a Narrow Way — An E. Armand Calendar for 2022
I wanted—as a first step toward getting a more comprehensive selection of Armand's writings into print—to draw together a selection of short, direct articles and poems that presented the tone of his egoist anarchist individualism, along with some of the key pr

E. Armand — misc. translations
To restrain the passions! To narrow the horizon of the enjoyment of living? Christianity has attempted it and failed. Socialism will try to reduce humanity to a similar denominator of necessities and it will fail. Fourier saw clearly when he coined this masterful expression: “the use of passions.”

Why I Am an Anarchist (Four Statements, 1885-1951)
I am an anarchist because I think with despair of all the poor kids who, every year, enter the great stupefying machine, who will never know the intoxication of a free and fraternal life, who will
#1885 #1895 #1897 #1951

A New Glossary
This new page will, for the time being, merge material from "A Contr'un Glossary" with new summaries prepared for use in "Constructing Anarchisms."


— Anarchism (Schematic)

A Schematic Anarchism
Anarchism = (((an + arche)ist)ism)
* * *
We might expect any consistent, well-developed body of anarchist theory to account for at least the following concepts:
The prin

Glossary: A Schematic Anarchism
“Becoming an anarchist” involves a constantly renewed commitment to two ongoing practices: embracing anarchy and constructing anarchisms.

Hors du Troupeau, “The Last Cloud”
After a silence of nearly twenty years, it's a pleasure to relaunch Libertatia Laboratories. The new project, hors du troupeau, undoubtedly scores low on the quirkiness scale, next to old friend like Guinea-Pig Fleet and Elephant after Elephant.

Rambles in the Fields — 2022 Calendar
I've published the first of what will probably be three calendars for 2022, available through the print-on-demand site Lulu. The images in "Rambles in the Fields" may be familiar, since several of them served as feature images during the first run of "Rambles in the Fields of Anarchist Individua

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