is all witchcraft inherently antisemitic? no. is all witchcraft inherently racist? no. but some of y’all are toeing the line in your practice and it shows. Lilith is not your goddess. not Indigenous? smudging & white sage are not for you. don’t fuck with voodoo & hoodoo like it’s some free for all. Astrology has Jewish roots. and just.... dump your Wiccan books. it was founded in the 50s by a white man who patch-worked other cultures together. you can’t trust books about Wicca.


@hot_hokte_shit witchcraft is culturally important to so many communities. but so much of this new age shit is is must appropriation. i see folks who think they’ve filtered it out but haven’t. quit using shit that isn’t for you. goyim leave Kabbalah alone. it’s not for you. be careful with North American cedar it’s open but sacred to a lot of Indigenous nations here. do your thing but do your research first.

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