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new here, trying to escape twitter and retreat to somewhere less terrible. no idea how things work here or what the vibe is.

trans gal, they/them. moldy, slimy, bitchy, sleepy.

:ironfront: :heart_transgender: :anartrans_symbol:

want to make a secondary account on a nsfw instance, but i have zero idea which one. ideally it would be somewhere trans, and not terribly big. anyone got a recommendation?

Centrists are the sapiosexuals of the political world

when the feds take control of Signal I'm retreating to pictochat

masc girl in the streets, femboy in the sheets

when a landlord puts hardwood floors in your old place, immediately after you move out, and after subjecting you to an absolutely fucking disgusting carpet for 4 years, you are legally allowed to burn their house down

imo voiceovers should be considered a crucial accessibility feature for text-heavy games. precisely nobody includes this, which sucks ass for those of us with learning disabilities.

queer assimilation is bad but someday I will be able to shoplift poppers from cvs, and I think that's beautiful.

cannot stop thinking lately about how much our poor conflict resolution skills have harmed our efforts

Cis Ally Culture is "hey can i ask you something?"


logged back on briefly & literally everyone was talking about elon musk. im done lmao

plz lmk if I fuck up or don't use CWs appropriately or whatever,. I'm new here & generally bad at Online

i'm trying to wean myself off social media. this seems like an ok way to do it.

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i followed some folks from kolectiva & a few from radicaltown (I made an account there a while back but never used it.) maybe that's enough for now.

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idk how to find ppl to follow here but maybe that's a good thing. a slow tl means no endless scrolling, i suppose.

trans gals don't need subscription therapy apps, trans gals need an app where $1 gets you hormones and a gun

I'm better than that place. I'm done. Time to leave for mastodon so I can be around all the anarchists & other fucked up weirdos who got kicked off twitter. my people. :heart_transgender:

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like. twitter has always been toxic & stressful, but it didn't feel like a huge deal before the pandemic. my life was largely offline, so twitter was just a fake bizarro world that I could dip into for a few minutes a day before returning to reality. but now that I'm home all the time, twitter is a legitimate danger to my mental health since I basically have nothing better to do.

but fuck all that. I deleted twitter off my phone.

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i've been here like 5 minutes & already switching to mastodon feels 100% worth it. the content warnings & lack of brands feels like such a relief. also, the fact that I can hide follower counts through tusky is fucking fantastic. twitter is such a numbers game, I'm so glad to finally be moving away from that.

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