What the Corona Virus Pandemic Can Teach Us About Security Culture, written by @hakan_geijer with artwork by zer0coil. You'll find a PDF reader and A4 Imposed files for print at the end via @seddistro.


Tested negative for covid, immediately getting on a train for good ol' Sverige, weird neurological deficiencies and exhaustion be damned.

If you don't hear from me, it's because I've sublimated into the mountains and am now one with the rocks and trees.

As always, everything I make will always be available for free. Grab a copy here. Print out a bunch. Hand them to neighbors and friends.


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Because this summer's getting dangerous, and disasters caused by human-made climate change will only get more frequent, I collaborated with some folx from the US to make a basic first aid zine for your emergency first aid kit.

I'm about to be alone in the woods for a long while. What novels should I read?

Looking at free fonts and becoming saddened at all the ones lacking diacritics that I can't use because my stupid name has an "å" that either doesn't render or is replaced with the wrong letter.

"Hey Håkan, please post about something relevant to anarchism or medicine or OpSec."

lol no

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The end of "Aunt Lisa" by Mastodon is so fucking groovy. 10/10. Would get smashed to it in some weird biker bar in the dusty middle of nowhere.

I had a dream I got doxxed. Someone published my address and employer. They made an art exhibition out of it and put it on the display on the bit of green across from my flat.

It was relieving. I deleted all my accounts. All my chat apps. I moved away and disappeared. I became again a ghost. I found serenity.

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