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Appologies to everyone who has texted, emailed, DM'd, and otherwise messaged me basically every as the non-stop deluge of notifications, projects, and things vying for my attention makes it extremely hard to keep up. As Mr. Baggins said, I'm like butter spread over too much toast. Sorry.

I wrote a 35 page zine in English about mobile phone security.

A native Spanish speaker did a partial translation before realizing they were in over their head on technical details. If possible, I'd like to get this into Spanish as my suspicion is that it would be the most useful second language for this. If anyone wants to help, let me know.

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For your immediate consumption, I'm releasing a zine on mobile phone security. It covers the basics of how to avoid surveillance, and it does so in depth enough that you can avoid common mistakes and develop your own threat model.

The world is dangerous, but we can be safer.

I am so bad about remembering to use mastodon. Maybe finally I will get my shit together with this.

There's a lot going on in the world right now, but in the last week I've seen people casually refer to my book just by the abbreviation "RM", and that is the most surreal shit in the world. It's been almost 2 years. and I'm somehow still in disbelief that people actually read it

The actual worst security theater I saw was people who wore nitrile gloves in public but then constantly touched their face and eyes as if the goal of the gloves was to keep the virus off their fingertips rather than off their face.

I completely forgot how many people did this.

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Thinking about security theater and the kind of person who wore this "mask" either because of ignorance or because it technically somehow kinda sorta complied with the covid rules.

Anyway, a lot of folx effectively do this with their OpSec, and I would like us to stop please.

A strange part of being An Old is when formative events from your younger years are just trivia for people born after.

"This event. I shaped me wholly."
"Haha yeah I learned about that at pub trivia night!"

Writing something and was about to drop a Y2K reference, but then realized that for people who didn't live through it, it wouldn't be a meaningful or illuminating example.Anyway, if you were born after idk '95, what do you think about Y2K? Are you aware of how people reacted?

A fun side effect of not feeling sick but getting a positive corona test is I am not hyper-aware of everything my body is doing.*arm itches*"Hmm is that normal or corona?"*has hunger*"Is this a corona symptom?"*has to shit*"CORONA?!?!?!"

I feel like I'm poking G_d's nuttesack with a pointy stick by shitposting like "ayyyy not even feeling nothing yet haha!" Hmmm.

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Me waiting to have noticeable symptoms while feeling completely normal.

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"Is shitposting about the virus the first thing you did after getting your test result?"
No, I put on a mask, opened the window, then shatposted about it. Safety first.

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Happy Valentines Day to everyone. I would like to announce that as of today I have officially started a relationship with *checks notes* the corona virus. 😐

It's strange that the word rebel when used to refer to people in the "3rd world" conjures images of guerilla fighters scrappily fighting and dying for their causes, but when used by people in the "1st world" it's often libs applying it to themselves for doing minor protest.

I blame XR for this phenomenon.

Just got an email from what seems to be a fairly lib org that found Riot Medicine wanted to collaborate. Sometimes I wonder if they realize how wide the gap is between anarchism and liberal democracy.

I thought about just submitting "Håkan Geijer (they/them) is an anarchist" but that felt even more pompous as if somehow on name alone someone should know who I am. Gah! It's a fecking trap.

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Having to write a bio about myself and feeling like an absolutely pompous twat for telling people what they should think about me or which of my actions are notable instead of letting them just decide for themselves based on what I actually do.

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