Thinking about security theater and the kind of person who wore this "mask" either because of ignorance or because it technically somehow kinda sorta complied with the covid rules.

Anyway, a lot of folx effectively do this with their OpSec, and I would like us to stop please.

Me waiting to have noticeable symptoms while feeling completely normal.

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I despise the misleading SEO trend of putting the current year in every article.

Sending myself straight to hell so I can fight these two chucklefucks

"Riot Medicine: Bridge Guide" for professional healthcare workers is available for free download. It's short enough to read in a couple of hours and will help you cross over from clinical medicine to being a street medic.

One of the other things I'm working on. Finally doing a medic-ish zine with some others.

I try to never read tankies' writings, and I'm glad someone else does, because this but from the Qiao Collective is so gross, and it is equally gross the so many lefties defend these positions.

Started this today. The Riot Medicine Bride Guide for people who are already medical professionals.

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