I am so bad about remembering to use mastodon. Maybe finally I will get my shit together with this.

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@hakan_geijer enjoyed reading you on twitter, so hope to see more of you here

@hakan_geijer what helped me get on mastodon permanently was twitter finally giving my old account the ban hammer a few years ago

@hakan_geijer I was glad to see that toot when you sent it and still keep hoping to see you here, so I just wanted to join the choir and say "yay!", but also by now also "when, please?".

@b9AcE Lol sorry. I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with one account on one site. I used to be good about cross posting everything, but fuck mate the internet can be draining

@hakan_geijer Oh, I absolutely understand!
While I was on my previous Mastodon instance I had decided that if I tooted something, I had to tweet it too and vice versa, but... it was extremely exhausting and I eventually noticed it instead lead to me skipping doing either in many cases. That's not good. Quality is more important than quantity.
I just wanted to encourage you to do more here, but we just actually can't do everything everywhere all the time.

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