@dsfgs Wikileaks is a cult around Assange, and Assange is a piece of shit. WL doesn't do journalism (not really) and they're not relevant for leaks anymore. The are very obviously ideologically motivated and it's in no way a "left" motivation

A few many broad strokes.

Wikileaks helped expose many realms of power from China to Russia to royalty in UK to USA to corrupt religious leaders and bankers etc.

What is more left. News is about informing people and holding power to account, and Julian and Wikileaks do that. They struggle at the moment given Julian is being tortured to death.

Where are the notions that you allude to published? We are just interested.

@dsfgs @hakan_geijer Assange is a dishonest, antisemitic, racist, homophobic, and misogynist prick-and possibly also a rapist. Granted, his imprisonment and subsequent treatment is bullshit, but that hardly changes his character and incompetence. WL might’ve aspired to journalism, but they sucked at it and constantly stabbed their sources in the back. Nowadays, they’re just scamming supporters to the tune of tens of millions of dollars a year.



We must politely disagree. We are surprised when anyone cans with the 'Assange Rapist' card.

Do check the type of websites you are accessing. Regrettably Kolectiva, ddosSecrets, and a lot of the pages Micah points to, are Cluodflare.

We are known to call Cloudflare an #extremistProducer, if we were the admin of this instance we would not federate with a Cf'd instance as they are known bad actors at the Network Level.

With true love to you.


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