Thinking about security theater and the kind of person who wore this "mask" either because of ignorance or because it technically somehow kinda sorta complied with the covid rules.

Anyway, a lot of folx effectively do this with their OpSec, and I would like us to stop please.


The actual worst security theater I saw was people who wore nitrile gloves in public but then constantly touched their face and eyes as if the goal of the gloves was to keep the virus off their fingertips rather than off their face.

I completely forgot how many people did this.

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@GustavinoBevilacqua Maybe? I'm not sure if that's theater or being selfish to not have not inside the mask. Maybe both?


Technically the common masks are more a protection for other people rather than for who is wearing them, so I think to them as a way to show care to other people.
I'd feel pretty bad killing someone with a sneeze…

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