High level medical knowledge is not sufficient to make someone a riot medic. An experienced protester with only knowledge of first aid is near universally a better medic than a physician who does not know how to handle themself at a protest.

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Knowing how to move through chaos and snatch people away to safety, how to talk to them and be fluid as the situation changes is the most important skill. If you can't find your patient or you get arrested trying to extract them, all the skills/equipment in the world mean nothing

A good medic can do more with a small pouch of gloves, gauze, and water than an inexperienced paramedic with a dummy thicc bag full of everything they could need.

I think my first book failed to clarify this sufficiently. A riot medic is protester first, medic second.

There’s no right answer. People can learn medicine and how to navigate a riot. In my experience on different teams, a good protester with a bit of medical knowledge tends to be better than a good doc with a bit of protest knowledge. At least when things get remotely feisty

@hakan_geijer But it literally says though: riot first, medic second.

@lilletale Yeah I guess that's better than a medic riot 🤔🤔🤔

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