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i’m trying to be proactive about participating in social media, instead of just lurking, so here’s a little

i’m (name pending, y’all know how that goes, right?)- i’m a 25 year old they/them in the pnw

here’s a photo of myself and my trash goblin, cedar, and one of a patch i made for my jacket, which i think turned out pretty nice!

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a quick part two-

i’m here to see y’all’s art, memes and queer shit, and i’ll never turn away pet photos. i wanna be able to connect with new folks and share support and engage as a community

i work nights at a hospital so if y’all want validation in the middle of the night, i’m your they

:heart_transgender: :blobS2aro: :nd: :ironfront: :antifa: :acab:

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i’ve been gone for uh.. a while, is anyone still here 😰

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binarity is a ploy by big gender to starve off the small independent genders and consoliudate their monopoly

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"Police are warning students and universities not to access Sci-Hub, an "illegal website" that allows users to download scientific research papers normally locked behind expensive subscriptions."

Very bad indeed. That name again: Sci-Hub. Remember it so you can avoid it. Ahem.

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fursuit pic, SonicFox 

love them, they have the trans flag behind them

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Dunno who needs to hear this but Fuck Autism Speaks.

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My birthday is Monday. I’ll be 29 and still unemployed 😅 & still unable to get my unemployment payments and unable to get through to anyone to straighten it out. Anyways if anyone would like to send me a few dollars that would be super sweet lol

Cashapp: $phoenyx40
PayPal email is

Thanks in advance 💕

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help out a black transman in law school (donations, ok to boost) 

Hi hello!

I am a black trans man and I'm also in law school! Without saying too many specifics to potentially doxx myself, I'm a rising 3L (third year) law student. I currently work in criminal defense, will be doing impact litigation during the summer for LGBTQ people, and I hope to make LGBTQ impact litigation a career of mine.

I'm a first generation student and so I'm paying for law school with a generous scholarship and lots of loans! Boo, I know.

By doing public interest work, I sadly don't make the big bucks like some of my corporate-focused classmates.

Want to help me do cool shit like writing post-conviction relief motions, all while fueled by caffeine?

You can donate! Or boost! Thanks!

CashApp: $lucifugel

(Please PM for PayPal and Venmo).

....and then the absolute whiplash i got when i left and saw an ex-friend who treated me like absolute shit (who apparently lives in the same neighborhood as me now, siiiick /s)

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i’m still thinking about the time i went to the dispensary and the cute queer employee complimented my name and then we talked about lesbians in disney movies

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i mean i did almost have a meltdown over my pencil not working, so it’s anyone’s game at this point

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is everyone at work especially annoying, or am i just being Extra Autistic™ today?

i was just talking to a coworker about how much i loathe people like elon musk, and how my spouse and i are trying our hardest to come up with enough money to get by so they can quit the job that’s destroying their body

and in the middle of it, another coworker chimes in “oh my son just bought a tesla 😇” like shut the fuck up and read the room

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so i made a thing, i don't really have much to add that i didn't already write in the gfm post but if you feel so inclined to toss a couple bucks and maybe share this around i would be so, so grateful 🖤


i had a dream last night that i brought my bong to work? i’d brought it because i knew the day would be stressful and smoking would help me stay relaxed, so i would occasionally take a hit throughout the night but then my manager can in and i had to hide it while she was in the room?

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Mom and pop landlords, working hard every day, pinching pennies and saving just so they can buy a two-story house in Queens, not even live in it, and rake in profits from college students who moved to NYC to attend an elite private college.

Oh no, there's a pandemic and the college student moved back to Connecticut!

;_; what will the mom and pop landlords buying up affordable housing in immigrant neighborhoods and renting it to rich kids do now?

i just remembered that my ex thought he was “so weird” for liking bobs burgers, and honestly i should’ve dumped him then and there

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