Part 2 of 2. I have previously expressed how I have very specific towel etiquette because I try to keep my towel as clean as possible. I never set it on the floor or even the bed because there is so much hair. I am rather frustrated and feel like I am at my wit's end with a lot of similar actions of cleanliness, especially in the kitchen too. If anyone has advice, I would like to hear it.

Part 1 of 2. I just need to vent. My partner does a lot of actions that I consider gross and I have tried to talk to him about it but he keeps doing these things. For example: yesterday the cats were bathed and the towels they used were thrown on the floor afterwards. My partner decided to hang them up, directly on top of our own towels.

I have been holding off saying this to my boss about being sick but I finally said it and I feel immensely better. Been out with norovirus after the kids I worked with got me sick with it. Also my boss hoping I feel better feels like some bs after she yelled at me one day for not calling out in a "timely manner and she 'understands' its a health problem BUT I need to call out sooner to be more professional." What she doesn't know is that I was trying so hard that day not to call off.

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You can't be naive enough to think Russia really gives a fuck about denazifying Ukraine. Defend it on any other grounds than that even if Ukraine has a million of those roaches scurrying around. If the azov battalion were on their side they would love them.

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My disabled and chronically ill family needs $840 to cover 1 year of phone service for two phones and 6 months of car insurance. We're still actulaly not making enough to fully cover our house and are pulling from savings.

Anything at all helps, even boosts!

:boost_requested: :boost_requested: :boost_requested: :boost_requested: :boost_requested:

Please see reply for paymenty things

#crowdfund #transcrowdfund #disabilitycrowdfund #actuallyAutistic #chronicallyill #indigenous #Begpest

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Can anyone suggest some good, user friendly, ADHD friendly budgeting apps? I have never budgeted before and I want to learn how :(

Do you ever just: "WHERE MY NONBINARIES AT?!" :flag_trans:

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Every piece of media I ever create will always be free to everyone because it is more important that knowledge spreads than it is for me to receive compensation. I encourage you all to do the same.

cat humor 

Apparently one of my cats likes to crawl up into my partner's closet and not much later he will be yelling for help because he doesn't know how to get down :QueerCat_Trans:

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up the road from me there are apartments, tiny little things, you walk in and it's basically a box

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someone's gotta do something about landlords

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❄ I think we should simply make rent optional. Make landlords live on tips.

Half the world is on fire and the other half is flooding and I am just supposed to pretend this isnt happening? Meanwhile my mental health meds are causing me to become seriously overweight just tanking any self-confidence I had a few months ago

rant about kansas 

Can say the absolute worst thing about Kansas is the freaking bugs here. They are relentless. Rant over.

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23 minutes until the banana bread is ready... too long

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