Their name was Tort 💔

Solidarity from so-called South Florida on Tequesta, Seminole, and Miccosukee land.

Vigil for Tortuguita, a forest defender murdered by Georgia State Police. This vigil took place at the spot that Giovanni Franchesko Fernandez set fire to a Miami Police car in May, 2020 before he was murdered by police a week later. Rest in power martyrs!

Tort split their time between Atlanta and Tallahassee, running a mutual aid organization called @browncatmutualaid and building affordable housing. They were killed for defending the sacred in order to stop the largest police training facility in the world, which would train police around the world and here in Miami should it be constructed. But it shall not be, in the name of Tort and all of our martyrs: stop cop city 🏴

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