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Every now & then I have a dream about a person I was in love with in 2008. A decade & a half ago & 6,000 miles away. She lives in a weird little corner of my heart that's just never gonna scar over.

It's just the salt wind & the sharp sand forever & ever, babes

Truly a cursed thing to remember a video that kept my egg from cracking for a *decade and a half*

Cis women who were downhill mountain bikers were interviewed complaining about a trans woman in their league. I feel like so many kids are gonna have the same experience I did.

I still make inks & read tarot, I still make sigils & medicines. I still have my rituals and superstitions and practices and private acts, and all that is intentional. But the more I think about it, the more I come to realize that "intention" is much more nuanced than we've come to understand it. Confidence, like when I was young and talking to yellow jackets, is closer to the heart of it than "I will ***."

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If you're a witch, you're usually pretty good at something. It's not just rituals and spells. Your herbs are a little stronger, or your divination is a little more insightful, whatever. It's like a narrow-focused luck charm. Mine, being a life-long mechanic and repairperson, is that when I fix things they get fixed faster, or things work for me that don't work for other people, or even the problem just disappears the moment I walk up to it or put my fingers on it.

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When I was a kid, I used to hang out with yellow jackets at school. I'd let them crawl all over my hands & I knew I was safe. It was self-strengthening, and the safer I felt, the safer we both wereβ€”me and the yellow jackets. It's a weird kind of confidence, that sometimes gets called magic, but it's easy as the sunrise for a child to do.

It's just the salt wind & the sharp sand forever & ever, babes

One of my favorite quotes: β€œIf psychoanalysis is the late 19th Century secular Judaism’s way of finding spiritual meaning in a post-religious world, and retail is the late 20th Century’s way of finding spiritual meaning in a post-religious world, what does it mean that I’m impersonating the father of psychoanalysis in a store window to commemorate a religious holiday?” David Rakoff, Christmas Freud.

Never had as much of a "look both ways before you cross a one-way street...bitch" spread as this one

If you're queer & live in the country & feel out of place or unwelcome at like the tractor supply or feed store, get you some rubber muck boots to wear into town. I promise, it works.

I'm never as much of a hoarder as I am when I have to answer the question "will I need this discarded wire?"

Did I ever show you my husband made me into a tarot card for xmas? A loving & remarkable gift.

The first time I put on a dress, it was a blue spaghetti strap dress with little white spots & I wore a red bow over my black hair. I put on some lipstick too and it was absolutely fucking magical. "This is really cool, too bad I can't do this all the time," I thought to myself.

Listen I don't have enough followers not to be horny on main so if you're a big boy hmu

This is Buddy. We went for a little ride yesterday & he told me to tell you all that he loves you & supports you in the struggle for total liberation. He also had something to say about carrots & apples but that's not relevant here.

I dreamed of a god I'd never heard of, well maybe she wasn't a god but she was def a very large, unfathomably ancient stone mermaid that bit off my arm as easy as anything

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