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Who wants to scour the world's libraries and archives with me to help find some mention of the ancient god that calls to me in my dreams and visions before she takes me? Not joking, DM if you're down

Do you think I could get medi-cal to cover the surgery to get elven ears by a licensed surgeon so I could use anaesthetic? They already cover ffs, top surgery, bottom surgery, electrolysis/laser. I just think I could push them in that direction.

Every now & then I have a dream about a person I was in love with in 2008. A decade & a half ago & 6,000 miles away. She lives in a weird little corner of my heart that's just never gonna scar over.

It's just the salt wind & the sharp sand forever & ever, babes

Truly a cursed thing to remember a video that kept my egg from cracking for a *decade and a half*

Cis women who were downhill mountain bikers were interviewed complaining about a trans woman in their league. I feel like so many kids are gonna have the same experience I did.

I still make inks & read tarot, I still make sigils & medicines. I still have my rituals and superstitions and practices and private acts, and all that is intentional. But the more I think about it, the more I come to realize that "intention" is much more nuanced than we've come to understand it. Confidence, like when I was young and talking to yellow jackets, is closer to the heart of it than "I will ***."

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If you're a witch, you're usually pretty good at something. It's not just rituals and spells. Your herbs are a little stronger, or your divination is a little more insightful, whatever. It's like a narrow-focused luck charm. Mine, being a life-long mechanic and repairperson, is that when I fix things they get fixed faster, or things work for me that don't work for other people, or even the problem just disappears the moment I walk up to it or put my fingers on it.

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When I was a kid, I used to hang out with yellow jackets at school. I'd let them crawl all over my hands & I knew I was safe. It was self-strengthening, and the safer I felt, the safer we both wereβ€”me and the yellow jackets. It's a weird kind of confidence, that sometimes gets called magic, but it's easy as the sunrise for a child to do.

It's just the salt wind & the sharp sand forever & ever, babes

One of my favorite quotes: β€œIf psychoanalysis is the late 19th Century secular Judaism’s way of finding spiritual meaning in a post-religious world, and retail is the late 20th Century’s way of finding spiritual meaning in a post-religious world, what does it mean that I’m impersonating the father of psychoanalysis in a store window to commemorate a religious holiday?” David Rakoff, Christmas Freud.

Never had as much of a "look both ways before you cross a one-way street...bitch" spread as this one

If you're queer & live in the country & feel out of place or unwelcome at like the tractor supply or feed store, get you some rubber muck boots to wear into town. I promise, it works.

I'm never as much of a hoarder as I am when I have to answer the question "will I need this discarded wire?"

Did I ever show you my husband made me into a tarot card for xmas? A loving & remarkable gift.

The first time I put on a dress, it was a blue spaghetti strap dress with little white spots & I wore a red bow over my black hair. I put on some lipstick too and it was absolutely fucking magical. "This is really cool, too bad I can't do this all the time," I thought to myself.

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