Vacbed, claustrophobia, latex 

Latex vac-bed florification art from 2018 ~ Genevieve Belleveau @ecofetish

tiny person inside a plant, half areola of unknown gender exposed 

Vore Fetish @plants

Hot tip for making your mastodon feed more like the image heavy delight that instagram should be, go into settings and unselect 'crop media' 😉

My butt in the swamp to celebrate this space of non-censored, non-policed bodies!

Hello! I am a relational artist and anarchist whose work explores non-hierarchical ecologies between plants and people. I am known for developing the field of ecofetishism, a genre of BDSM that re-inscribes traditional S&M methods and aesthetics. It posits non-carceral, non-punitive methods of power exchange and imagines collective healing rippling out from from the intimate and interpersonal. Go to sacredsadism.com/news if you'd like to learn more! <3


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