Let's make a thread of texts to radicalize the anarcho-curious in our lives. Please reply to this post with books, zines, articles, or videos. Bonus points for direct links and texts with accessible language.

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@goaskforde YouTuber Anark's video, Constructing the Revolution.

@goaskforde this article is about how voting is an act of enforcing colonialism and I shared it with friends who thought voting is the be all end all

@goaskforde No Gods No Masters 3 part documentary on YouTube. Great history into the subject

@goaskforde The easiest, and shortest one : The Anarchist Manifesto by Malatesta.

@goaskforde An Anarchist Solution to Global Warming by Peter Gelderloos is what got me into this. Its a very short description of a vision of one possible future organized by anarchistic principles.

@goaskforde in current climate catastrophe context i have given Desert to an old friend asking me about anarchy stuff, and i think it hit well

also crimethinc's From Democracy to Freedom ... i think i gave this to my mom once?

@goaskforde Shit. That Angela Davis link is just one chapter. Should have realised it was too good to be true.

@goaskforde we have a growing, accessible audio library of revolutionary & leftist texts...some of these titles are up already & we are adding more all the time. Copyright can be an issue with newer titles like some of those mentioned, but we’ve kind of decided to take the risk & apologize later approach if we get flagged. Anyway:

@goaskforde @bugs was it you who was asking about Caribbean anarchist thought? if you found anything it would be cool to drop it in this thread too (against the recanonization of European anarchist thinkers)

@DetritusBooks @goaskforde It’s good! I’m halfway through and it’s very digestible and very well sourced and cited.

@goaskforde Idk if anyone else had read it (or had thoughts about it), but I found crimethinc’s “What would an anarchist program look like” article really helpful for my conceptualizing of the/an endgame.


"The Antifa Handbook" by Mark Bray, especially the chapters "Four: Five Historical Lessons for Anti-Fascists" and 'Five: “So Much For the Tolerant left!”: “No Platform” and Free Speech'.

Found them to be concise and easy to understand, esay to remember.

concise and important

@goaskforde Socialism Will Be Free or It Will Not Be At All on Black Rose website

@goaskforde Not really “theory” or even much of an intro to anarchism, but David Graeber’s “Are you and Anarchist?, The answer may surprise you!” Is easy to read and dispells a lot of the myths about anarchism.

@goaskforde "Anarchism and Its Aspirations" by Cindy milstein is my go-to primer for the anarchy-curious in my life. Super accessible and interesting read

@goaskforde Anarchy Works is easily the most compelling introduction I know of. Nothing convinces people that something could work more than showing them that it does work. It also has comprehensive answers to the most common questions and objections to anarchism

Inhabit is much quicker, more poetic, and more practical for modern times. It's what I recommend for people who don't want to sit down and read a whole book

Are You An Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You! is another quick and easy one, maybe better than either of the others for people who aren't so keen on grittiness and violence

@goaskforde Women and Socialism published by Haymarket books is a great resource for radicalizing libs, especially because it clearly lays out the impossibility of “changing the system from within” and drags well known lib orgs for their histories of racism and homophobia

@goaskforde my good friend shared this with me, and I thought it was not only powerful, but would also be an easily digestible, not overly heavy handed on theory sort of piece that might inspire someone to go deeper:

@goaskforde I produce a podcast that reviews and discusses books written by #Anarchists.

I've been on a bit of a break because I got a new job that has messed up my schedule, but here's the site if anyone is interested:


@goaskforde I will continue recording soon I hope. I plan to delve into some Kafka. Though not strictly an anarchist, he has a lot of ideas and subject studies that really call out to anarchists world wide. :jrbd:

@goaskforde Maybe I missed it, but nobody shared the link To Change Everything, an anarchist appeal? I think that's a pretty good and accessible intro to anarchism. And yeah, for a classic Conquest of Bread is good stuff and very readable.

A few sci fi books that I think can help people imagine anarchy:
The Dispossessed
Woman on the Edge of Time
Mars Triology or 2312

Non fiction:
In defence of looting as a recent contextual text off the top of my head that has worked on some anarchocurious people I know.
I still think some crimethinc books/articles/zines is great especially for young people.

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