Often, when someone new asks what I "do for a living" and I answer with "I'm a painter/illustrator" their first follow up question is "Do you make money?" as if they need to know that other people find my art valuable before they can form or offer their own opinion about my work. Find new language to engage w art, I beg you. No artist wants to talk about how hard and demeaning it is to convince others their time and effort is worth spending money on during end-stage capitalism.

@goaskforde ugh, I feel this so much. It's like your not an artist and your work isnt art before you can prove to them other people value it monetarily.

@goaskforde I realised I was doing this a few years back and realised I never want to acknowledge the existence of wage labour outside of work because it completely sucks the life and enjoyment out of conversations - it's way more fun to just discuss passions and hobbies than merely concerning ourselves with profit and value!

@goaskforde Perhaps you're misinterpreting their intended meaning. They may be curious as to whether or not you're able to support yourself on art alone, as art is a highly competitive market; and, especially in the modern economy and age of the internet, people want to enjoy the art without supporting the artist financially. My current favorite artist is a local mentally ill man, he does abstract work as well as portraiture. He doesn't make much money, and I wish I had the money to ...

@goaskforde ... better compensate him for his work. I do my best to spread knowledge about his work to local friends and acquaintances who are interested in visual art, as he refuses to try to sell his art via the internet

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