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Choose from three donation tiers for a custom piece of art - a botanical commission by donation.
All proceeds go to unhoused folks in Philadelphia.
Visit my site for more info, including the highlighted cause and donation transparency.

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Often, when someone new asks what I "do for a living" and I answer with "I'm a painter/illustrator" their first follow up question is "Do you make money?" as if they need to know that other people find my art valuable before they can form or offer their own opinion about my work. Find new language to engage w art, I beg you. No artist wants to talk about how hard and demeaning it is to convince others their time and effort is worth spending money on during end-stage capitalism.

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My finished sticker design for my next shop update, featuring a magpie with boltcutters. Portion of proceeds will be donated to folks doing prison abolition/prisoner support work. (Taking suggestions for orgs to support!)

@goaskforde Visual aid description: a raven holding a smoking match while a cloud of smoke billows in the background. Text says “Light a Match, Burn a Prison”

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Good news- I can now ship internationally- including France, Germany and Australia.

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btw if you need it here is the cracked version of Spotify Premium for android

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If a cop visits you, don't keep it to yourself
If an agent visits you or you are questioned while being detained or arrested, don't keep it to yourself. Police want us to feel isolated and ashamed, by sharing information we can better prepare ourselves and our networks for repression and stop the spread of rumors.
If an agent is questioning you, at home, while under arrest, or while detaining you:
-Don't tell them anything beyond your name, date of birth, and address. If put under pressure you can say "I don't have anything to say, I want to speak to a lawyer" or "I will not be answering any questions without talking to a lawyer first."
-Ask to speak with a lawyer.
-Try to remember the questions they ask you.
-Ask for their card, so that you can share their name, position, and agency they work for.
After the encounter:
-Tell your friends and comrades.
-Contact an anti-repression organization or lawyer to better protect yourself.
-Make a public statement about what happened to inform others and squash any misinformation. Anti-repression organizations can help you write one. You don't need to sign your name, it's fine to be anonymous.
The police already know what moves they make, while trying to keep us in the dark. There's no point in keeping what they do a secret, when we spread information about their activities, it only makes us stronger and better equipped to make informed choices.
Up Against The Law Legal Collective (484) 758 0388
Philly Anti-Repression Fund (267) 460 1886

Told my ex "I'm making money for the first time in a while, it feels good to give back to my community"; he said, "Give back to your mattress if you're smart." and I suddenly remembered this is the same dude who writes wannabe beat poetry and unironically called my friends "fashion punks" while wearing Balmain jeans.

Don't date individualists, friends.

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Comic about online dating, mention of sex 

This is a comic I made in 2016 when my friend was really busy with online dating. I wasn't really familiar with it personally because I had an old phone for the longest time, but I was enjoying her stories. This is all real, I'm not making anything up. Always wondering about the ethics of what I do but I figure its ok to laugh a bit with those guys.

#comics #onlinedating #mastoart

Hey kids, don't tattoo your hands. Identifying tattoos can lead to arrests and unless it's the middle of winter you're probably not gloved up every time you leave the house.

I wish I had thought about this before I tattooed my hands.

Fun game idea: send this to all your friends so that when signal is running again everyone gets a *neat* surprise

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cw this is intentionally stupid, also i stole this joke 

anarchists in 1999: kill your tv

anarchists in 2021: nooooo signal is down my encrypterinooooos
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This afternoon, January 15 2021, an anti-fascist comrade was visited by two FBI agents at their home in Philadelphia.
The agents said they had questions about the recent events at the Capitol. The comrade refused to answer questions & immediately got in touch with legal & anti-repression support. We don't rely on the state to address fascist threats. The FBI has roots in repressing anarchist and Black liberation movements. We do not trust that they are only investigating the events at the Capitol. We challenge their attempts at repression with our collective refusal to speak to law enforcement.
If you are contacted by the FBI or other law enforcement, contact Up Against The Law or Philly Anti-Repression.
Up Against The Law: 484-758-0388
Philly Anti-Repression: 267-460-1886
Image description: the above text on a yellow, green, and blue background.
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Just when you think Elon Musk can't be more of a douchebag, he goes and breaks Signal.

Big love to the old heads who never grew up and still wheatpaste their art in underpasses; that shit is precious.

Today is Teach Your Nieces and Nephews about the Black Panthers Day.

Really long name for a holiday, I know.

ISO: Comics/graphic novels with anarchist themes like Ben Passmore or Nate Powell's work- for the tween kids in my life.

Comic on Russell Maroon Shoatz by Ben Passmore:

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