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Often, when someone new asks what I "do for a living" and I answer with "I'm a painter/illustrator" their first follow up question is "Do you make money?" as if they need to know that other people find my art valuable before they can form or offer their own opinion about my work. Find new language to engage w art, I beg you. No artist wants to talk about how hard and demeaning it is to convince others their time and effort is worth spending money on during end-stage capitalism.

I had a nightmare I resurrected my old facebook account

My least favourite archetype of depressed person is the depressed person who buys pet-mill animals during manic states, subsequently losing interest & neglecting them within 3 months.

I wrote a song, dedicated to finding a new therapist: don’t tell me you give a fuck about the wellbeing of your patients if you charge $200 a session🎶

(sorry it doesn’t rhyme)

@goaskforde Have you ever thought about faking your own death? Well you don’t have to, just get off the internet. It’s tight, man. 🌈

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Dear 19 year old me: being irrelevant is freeing. Throw your phone off a cliff & thank me later.

Whoops I forgot social media existed for a hot minute and everyone forgot about me: a memoir

PSA if you make a throwaway account to ask for my onlyfans, I’m gunna automatically assume you’re not trustworthy and do not deserve access to the type of content. Hope this helps.

@goaskforde Here’s a closer look at the my drawing “Asteraceae” on the shirt

Visual aid description:
photograph shows a cropped detail shot of the front of a t shirt. In frame there is the rightmost side of a bird, wing outstretched. There is a white line that goes from the tip of the beak to the body. There is no tail. Under the right wing is my art signature.

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I made these shirts! You can buy one at
I have XS through 4XL, but if you’d like a different size feel free to DM me or email me at and I will get a shirt that feels comfy for you!

Visual aid description: black bird from my piece “Asteraceae” printed on off-white coloured cotton t-shirt. I am wearing a fanny pack over my shoulder and have tattoos down my left arm. I am standing in front of a white building.

:-( no more dates with ppl who say acab but have never confronted their white supremacy :-(

I always thought my government conspiracy theorist hippy friends would be the easiest to radicalize...boy was I fuckin wrong. They don’t wanna talk about capitalism or racism, they’re all so fuckin stuck on shit like “chem trails”

@goaskforde An example with bits of all of these subgenres I really dig is Goodnight Mommy (or Ich Seh, Ich Seh in German) from 2014

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Pls send slow atmospheric horror, psychological horror, indie horror etc suggestions (non-english/subtitled okay!)

I know all the names of your brothers; I know which tobacco you crave. I can recite to you your nightmares and recognize all the paintings you love. And what do you know about me?

Take notice of the friends who only ask how you’re doing or what you’ve been up to to keep tabs or for entertainment

Take notice of the friends who emotionally dump without consent and never ask how you’re doing

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion is maybe the saddest book ever written.

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