CW - NSFW, c-pap, visible tit/nipple, fundraiser, transgender medical gatekeeping 

I don't know how to explain the gender euphoria I will have with one breast. I have wanted this to be how I occupy my gender in my body since 2014. It hurts that I have now turned 30 and my body is still a work in progress.

Every other aspect of my trans experience and expenses are supported and funded but I need to pay for my own top surgery to achieve this.

Gender Affirming Surgery, Nip through Shirt, Eye Contact 

I am ~ vibing ~ in these pictures PLEASE, this is who I am meant to be. My surgery for a single mastectomy will not be funded because it is "too unusual" to be legally recognized as a transgender need but I have wanted this for 7 years and have the support of my immediate medical team, surgeon & therapist. I just need help to make it happen.

JK Rowling, Capitalism 

I think the worst thing JK Rowling has done to me, even as a trans Autistic person was giving me the idea that all it would take was to write a good novel and I'd be free of capitalist constraints and could have my existence accommodated.

By that I just mean, good god off of the biggie social medias for a minute & you can breathe.

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Damn forgot about this party house, this is where the future is at.

Content Warning: blood / menstration 

Don't know the source for this image but I love it

Amazing, this is a ~public~esc~ space not on my artist Linktree so I can whine about everything 😏

Disgruntled Family 

Not to be salty but like finally sent weddings pictures and stuff to extended relatives with Yule Cards and like got a thanks for the cards and pictures..... But my brain is also, do ya'll remember that you intentionally boycotted my wedding for being amoral because I am poly/queer/trans/pagan? or? no? we just gonna pretend that didn't happen?

Enjoy your happy hellscape hot ball of fire sun slingshot how have we not been flung into the dark abyss of space already day.

Mental Illness, Gender, Not a Take, medical gatekeeping 

You can be mentally ill and trans and deserve gender affirming care.

I had to prove my gender to a doctor for 2 years & get "stablized" before I was allowed any gender affirming care. I'm two years on hormones since then now and honestly just grateful that doctor quit and I got a different one.

eye contact (selfie), alcohol (tipsy), med equipment (CPAP) 

Honestly think I am a lil sexy with my cpap mask on my head 🥰

Look, you wana be an abolitionist? That includes horny jail.

mutual aid req 

we’re 2 disabled Indigenous&Afro-Indigenous Jewish Lesbians. landlord is charging us Dec. rent twice + a fee. we’re stuck in our overpriced apt till March & don’t know how we’re going to afford moving into a new place in budget (app fee, deposit, moving trucks, first months rent, utility fees, etc). we’re back to square one treating my chronic chest infections, which brings more med costs.

we are unable to work atm. help is appreciated.

venmo&cashapp: luciluc

Disabled people are the experts on themselves & their lived experiences

Medical / Spiritual confusion 

I'm definitely a bad stereotype trying to balance this weird thing of mental health and spirituality and not medicalizing every aspect of my experience but also acknowledging I need some level of care. I wish the system operated with enough nuance that I could be fully vulnerable about this and not feel jepordized.

Anyways, sometimes spirit takes me for a walk and it's never a problem if I live at my own pace.

Not sure how this platform works yet so I'm just dropping info and I'm Fundraising for a single Mastectomy for my top surgery which is what works for me. Please read the link if you want more details, awkward to ask but I want to be!

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