sooo hey, I forgot this platform existed for a good while haha

conservatives & liberals love to reduce everything to "offense" but this is a convenient erasure of actual harm done by people's actions. and yes writing a fedi post is an action which can harm people, it can replicate structural violence, it can exclude and drive marginalized people out of spaces, it can create an increasingly more oppressive culture.

challenging these things is not about being "offended" by them, it is about combating actual ongoing violence against marginalized beings

Reading theory, especially anarchist theory, isn’t just about your own personal understanding, it’s also about sharing, teaching, synthesizing, and practicing what you learn. If you instead use theory to gatekeep and make it a prerequisite to conversation you’re a piece of shit and give theory a bad reputation.

just found out bananas are gonna die out pretty soon.

There is NO animal liberation in a capitalist society. Without anti-capitalism, anti-speciesism, a rejection of the ‘rights’ paradigm, YOUR VEGANISM AINT SHIT. If anything you’re making it worse by making people complacent in thinking they can make a difference through consumer choices

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This shit is why I don’t really call myself ‘vegan’ anymore except when it’s useful to convey my dietary needs, veganism as a ‘movement’, as a culture, is just lost in its own ego and liberal consumer idealism.

To me, all being vegan means is that I reject the commodity status of animals by not consuming them as such. Buying a bean burger won’t save a cow, no consumer choice will take down animal ag.

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Second thoughts, maybe she didn’t look at Wikipedia at all before uploading this stinking pile of meaningless word vomit.

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This is the funniest shit I’ve seen all week 😭 What made this clueless af lady think she could just read the Wikipedia article for communism, jump into making a video about political science - which people spend fucking DECADES studying the nuances of - and act like she knows better.

She deadass defines neoliberalism as “your typical left- leaning, social progressive”. 💀💀


I’m uhhh really stoned hello :)

Something interesting happens with the "teachers are cops" discourse, where a surprising proportion of people engage with criticism of the scool system from the very liberal perspective of "you can't criticise schools - teachers are good people" and another, even more surprising proportion of people take criticism of the school system to mean "all teachers actually are cops".

I wouldn’t feel very safe, but then again, I wouldn’t exactly feel safe being attacked in the street and not being able defend myself, I wouldn’t feel very safe if fascists come around. So maybe safe isn’t what I need to feel when training. Idk

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I wanna pick a martial art to get classes in once places reopen, but why do they have to be full of men 🤮

Eric King is given another 6 month mail restriction.

He can still receive books - help him out!

Also consider donating to the lawfirm that stepped up for him and others fighting oppression.

South San Francisco courthouse attacked.

Full Communique:

The building was vandalized with anti-police, anti-State, anti-colonization slogans and the windows of the front entrance were smashed in.

All I want is a teddy bear that plays joe pera and talks me to sleep. How do I get a patent on that

11 days to object to the proposed new mega-prison in Buckinghamshire, UK. You can fill out the form as many times as you like, no need to enter your real name, or to enter any answers for postcode and email. Please boost!

It’s still in the very early stages of planning, which gives us a bit of footing to act like concerned locals and show that there’s a lot of objection from the community.

You can get some inspo for what to say in the message here -

If you’re submitting multiple entries it might be smart to use different names and reasons - from traffic to taxes to PIC.

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11 days to object to the proposed new mega-prison in Buckinghamshire, UK. You can fill out the form as many times as you like, no need to enter your real name, or to enter any answers for postcode and email. Please boost!

how many house plants in one room is too many... my boyfriend thinks there’s too many but there’s only 8 I’ll have you know

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