We need to normalize sex work, sex workers, clients, and update the monetary systems which are used to oppress sex workers.
Y'all deserve to get paid and live life!

police mention, violence 

Every time I see a cop my heartbeat intensifies but in the way I feel when I see a monster I’m tryna blow up in a Zelda game

gun mention, cop mention 

Really wanna fight a cop (no guns allowed though)

I don’t know what my favorite instance is. Probably this one.

Freebie of my butt is posted on Switter... I’m announcing it only because it’s never happened before anywhere πŸ‘€

How many times will I watch Arlo’s β€œA Big Fat Review of Breath of the Wild” πŸ€” it is now a comfort YouTube video.

mutual aid, reparations for Black Autistic Trans person 

Tai is collecting reparations to redistribute to them tomorrow.
Give them their flowers.
Venmo @TaiCK

Sunny's direct venmo: @salmations

This is the gfm for their 60 yr old dad. gofundme.com/f/help-our-dad-wi

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big butt in lewd panty + nsfw link 

Good morning folks β˜€οΈ

πŸ•Έ requests & customs open
πŸ¦‡ goth bbw lewd & nude content
πŸ•― instant photos for cum tributes & shrines
πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ chatting
πŸ•· panty selling
πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ hard femme switch

πŸ”ž gothiccumslut.com πŸ”ž

Ignore the tags...
{β€ͺ #bbw #goth #sellingnudes #gothdomme #domme #gothicc #findomme #plussize #altmodel #lgbtq #queer #trans #nonbinary #queerart #curvy #fetish #bodyworship #femdom #gothic #kink #disabledartist #feet #findom #sellingcontent #nsfw #disabled }

Therapy hangover is a terrible thing. It's similar to getting overheated or too cold. Even if you drink water and dress properly and move around enough and be still enough, the body still demands rest and time to recovery its equilibrium.

We don't think much about taking a day of ease after a day of hard physical work, but it's just as important to rest the mind and let the brain come to its own level before trying to move forward again.

Ableists love to act like they’re not ableist as long as they can use disabled people to fit their own narrative, like inspiration porn.

The moment disabled people speak over these ableists on disability issues, their ableism comes out directed towards us.


A friend of a friend, from the Philippines, needs help for her family after the typhoon flooding recently. She needs $200 to buy clothes and necessities for people in her block.

paypal: arcillapam@gmail.com

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