@tansyfeuilles yeah, when I first joined I eventually had to make the decision to block switter. It's a shame as I have nothing against sex workers, but every hashtag I was following was rife with prospecting workers 😅

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The pansy is looking a little worse for wear... I think there was too much detergent in my anti aphid spray 😓

It's still very much alive though. I also potted some ginger that had started sprouting!

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Things are continuing in the garden nicely. We have our first pea flower, some strawberries are starting to form, the lemongrass is progressing nicely. And my tomatillos are starting to get nice and bushy!

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Our frontman hosted his first episode of Rantbox TV on role of stories in modern culture. We had some pretty cool discussions about storytelling, capitalism, justice narratives, the portrayal of evil. All in all pretty enjoyable:

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I think video from vsauce is pretty important - it highights the flaws in human reason. It also starts to touch on important ideas about our evolutional need to exist in communities:


@neauoire yeeeeeeerp. A music blog I'm close with is starting an NFT music platform. They can do what they want but I won't support them in it.

@poiseunderchaos ah nice - so it does. Thanks for the quick identification! 😄

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I'm a regular guest on RantboxTV, and this time I got to share some of my knowledge on the subject of #NFT. I'm not an expert in blockchain technologies, but I think I have enough understanding to know why it doesn't gel with me. I appear in the second half to talk about some of the percieved negatives.

I intend to do research going forward on alternatives wrt smart contracts and how we value music; all input welcome!



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Self-Repair Manifesto
Let's take back our right to repair! Help us get this manifesto posted in every workshop, hacker space, and garage in the world!


@krisfreedain Yeah I kept meaning to log process for ages and never got round to it 😅

When I got my wife the yuzu I didn't realise about the spikes. It's pretty metal really! 🤟

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Work continues apace on the music video for Realise whilst matt works on recovering his voice. Here's one of the characters you'll be meeting in it. Would you buy a car off this man? 🤣

Artwork by @gaffen

The yuzu tree dropped leaves quite dramatically but seems to have stabilised. I haven't seen a lot of new growth yet, I'm hoping things will recover again soon.

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