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*Crawling out of the wreckage of 2021, clothes tattered and covered in ash*

"I've... I've nearly done it - the game is in early alpha! I can almost put my first solo game behind me! It's nearly... all..."

*Collapses in a heap*

The more NFT discourse I see, the more I feel justified in saying that NFT stan accounts exemplify the phrase 'money can't buy you a personality'.

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So the company that basically owns the music industry right now (Spotify) has paid its' CEO to invest in AI Defense technology.

I don't like having our material fund military research, but as a small artist gaining an audience is the lifeblood for our continued existence. I have some ideas on how to combat this, but I'm interested to know what you think we could do. We need an alternative - this shouldn't be possible.

#Spotify #BoycottSpotify #SpotifyWrapped

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We've actually written a song about this. Please consider signing. People we know may be affected.

#NationalityandBordersBill #BordersBill

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good afternoon, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland must be destroyed

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I haaaaaaate how jealously Tech Crunch guards its content unless you agree to their trackers. They literally show you a blurred jpeg of the page until you do 🙄

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Hello Fediverse! We're not so sure why it took so long to get on here, especially given how long two of our members (@dajbelshaw and @epilepticrabbit) have been here, but better late than never...

We’re a collective of independent thinkers and makers helping charities, ethical companies, government departments and educational institutions with sensemaking and digital transformation.

Currently working on plenty of stuff relating to the #climatecrisis as well as #openbadges


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re: explaining fediverse to people 

@duponin You're already on fedi, so I assume it wont tell you more than you already know, but the way I explain it using that method generally goes something like

Let's say you're on Facebook and a friend is on Twitter. You want to send them a message, but you can't send messages from FB to twitter, right? That'd just be weird right? (Generally people agree that this is indeed the case and would be weird otherwise)

Of course you can also call them on the phone. Let's say you're with a telephone provider BlablaFon. A friend also has a phone, but they are with another provider, namely Phonica (I'm using fake names here, typically I use existing names they know because that parses easier).
Now image that you're calling them, but it doesn't work and you get told that it's normal it doesn't work because they are with another provider. That be weird right? You both have a phone and a subscription, you should be able to call each other, right? Why would a provider not allow calls to another provider? (Generally they agree that this would indeed be weird)

Yet, when we want to contact each other from one social media account to another, we suddenly not only think it's normal that it doesn't work, we'd even think it's strange if it would work! But it works for phones, why would it not work for social media either? (Here I typically see in their facial expressions that something clicks for them)

So that's basically what the fediverse is. Just like you have several telephone providers, we have different social media platforms. But even if you're on a different platform, you can still talk to each other like you're part of one big network. Or better put, you *are* all part of one big network, namely the fediverse.
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a brief moment of exasperation 

If you’re only organising it on Facebook then it’s not actually a public event

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We found a high severity vulnerability in Synapse and plan to release a fix in Synapse 1.47.1 on Tuesday 23rd November.

If you run a Synapse instance, please be prepared to upgrade as soon as the patched version is released.

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Thanks to Morass of Molasses, Trevor's Head and First There Will Be Fires for ruining my neck muscles for the next few days. Really awesome to be going to gigs again!

appreciating the sentiment at the birds nest in deptford

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They're called "Meta" because their business is selling your metadata.

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Tech rambling 

Can't shake the feeling that we've never been able to do less with more. Our tools are getting more powerful, but somehow their usefulness is not increasing, sometimes even diminishing. Why do I need a quad-core machine with 8GB of memory to type text into a box and send it to someone? Why is everything so much bigger and slower, yet still does exactly the same stuff, or less? Does having processing power and memory abundantly available cause laziness and wastefulness?

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Why should I care about the metaverse? It sounds like a horrible idea honestly.

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