“Violence is never the answer” is a common refrain from people who have never been forced to fight for their lives and I, for one, am tired of society taking this refrain seriously when it comes from people privileged enough to have never been in these kinds of positions.

I just want to share a piece of Wikipedia "vandalism," which honestly shouldn't be considered vandalism because Donald Rumsfeld should've never been allowed the long life he got (considering the millions of lives he was responsible for extinguishing).

"Israel’s occupation of the West Bank may be a fact of life for Palestinians, but it may no longer be a fact on Hebrew Wikipedia. The community of volunteer editors has voted to rename the article on the occupation, dropping the word in favor of Israel’s “rule” or “control” over the contested territory."

It's hasbara or death, baby...


Ma Renzi che va in Arabia Saudita e, tra un elogio e un inchino, dice di invidiare a quel paese il costo del lavoro?

Joe Biden didn’t stop the Keystone XL Pipeline. Indigenous land defenders stopped Keystone. Biden does not care about pipelines or their impact on the land and its indigenous people. He cares about capital, appearances, and legitimizing his and the state’s power. (1/2)

Anti-capitalism, COVID-19 

The fact that patents, preventing mass-scale production and distribution at a low price of COVID-19 vaccines, are not cancelled is yet another crime against humanity perpetuated by the capitalist system. During a global pandemic that has already killed more than 2 million people, Big Pharma's profits are given precedence over the health and life of billion of human beings. This is obscene.

migrazioni, rotta balcanica, torture 

«I respingimenti voluti dal ministero dell’Interno italiano e praticati con sempre maggior intensità dalla primavera 2020 al confine con la Slovenia sono “illegittimi”, violano obblighi costituzionali e del diritto internazionale, e hanno esposto consapevolmente i migranti in transito lungo la “rotta balcanica”, inclusi i richiedenti asilo, a “trattamenti inumani e degradanti” oltreché a “vere e proprie torture inflitte dalla polizia croata”».

Lo ha stabilito il tribunale di Roma con ordinanza del 18 gennaio 2021.


#migrazioni #RottaBalcanica #rifugiati #deportazioni #torture

Community of #AutonomousFactoryRog has once again shown its courage in the fight for accessible city for all. The strong demonstrated solidarity of fellow-inhabitants of the city has once again proved the extra importance of the Autonomous Zone for many. Despite the excessive repression, people took to the streets together, against the elites, because the streets are ours! They've stolen from us again and that’s why we’re really really angry. This is just the beginning.

graffiti, fuck landlords, fuck evictions 

fuck landlords all day, every day. fuck evictions all day, every day. but an extra fuck landlords evicting people during a fucking pandemic. housing is a fucking human right

seen in baltimore, maryland. shared by @/radicalgraffiti on the gram

Yesterday there was a violet, unannounced eviction of #AutonomousFactoryRog in Ljubljana (with no legal grounds). Municipality with the collaboration of the state activated all the represion segments to the system to suppress the resistance. 13 people were detained (later released) of them 5 landed in the emergency room. the resistence is still in motion: protest was strong, graffiti, trashin the city ect. are in motion.Put pressure on the authorities and show your support in any way u know how!

un piccolo flebile passo, il secondo dovrebbe essere storia dei femminismi almeno a partire dalla scuola dell'obbligo, ma mi rendo conto che è un'utopia blog.uaar.it/2021/01/19/ora-al

Just a preview of how liberals will continue to not be measurably "less evil" at all.

Eventually, I aspire to jolt some people out of their unaware tennis match world. For now, I'm seeing the most bullshit and venting while trying to teach myself.
Being caught between identifying the causes, and not yet feeling equipped enough for action, is a phase that lasts too long for comfort. But, it must be that way.

Calibre store plugin 

Check out the Calibre store plugin!

Plugin for Calibre 0.8 or later, to use The Anarchist Library as store. With it you can search and download books directly from calibre.

The plugin is written by meskio and maintained by ibu and bodem.


I do not believe in God, because I believe in man.
-- Emma Goldman

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La Giunti è la mia nuova casa editrice preferita.

All cop are pigs

Arriva il freddo a Roma e naturalmente i bravi cittadini e le brave cittadine dell'esquilino si preoccupano. Che qualcunə possa morire assideratə? Che non abbiano cosa mangiare? Cosa indossare? Ma no, si preoccupano che davanti al loro portone ci siano i cartoni e quei quattro stracci che si portano dietro. Il decoro sopra ogni cosa, mortacciloro

If you say that you reject violence when it exceeds the limits imposed by the needs of defense, they accuse you of pacifism, without understanding that violence is the whole essence of authoritarianism, just as the repudiation of violence is the whole essence of anarchism.
-- Errico Malatesta

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