@fuckwork fuck desert, read something useful like Abdullah Öcalan's Democratic Confederalism. It's shorter and has actually produced a functional revolutionary movement. Also, listen to people like Andrewism because this black pill shit keeps us from making things better.

This is probably a bit extreme, but I'm just completely exhausted by doomerism. We don't need to read more counterfactual garbage to reinforce our apathy.

There are *lots* of actual solutions and lots of hope. "You should give up because it's too late" is literally petroleum industry propaganda. There are too many people dying out there for us to just sit down and feel sorry for ourselves. We have shit to do and we need inspiration to solve shit, not justification for our dispare...

"Read Desert" is a bad meme that makes things worse. Please read something useful instead.

@Hex I agree with you that we need to focus on positive actions. Though I have to admit to reflecting on the fact that Captain Planet aired 32 years ago and we still find ourselves in a world where corporations continue to pollute our world for profit.

@alpinefolk I actually thought the image was funny, even if I disagree a bit. But I'm just done with the "read Desert" meme. I read about half of it before throwing it away.

Desert was written before the Syrian revolution and it ignores other successful indigenous struggles. It's just colonizers complaining about how Occupy didn't work so global revolution is impossible. It's anachronistic eurocentric garbage. There are a million better things to read...

@alpinefolk i have kids. This generation giving up is shifting the work to them and giving them something much harder, just like our parents did to us.

Fuck "read Desert", how about "organize for Utopia!"

@Hex honestly. I’ve never gotten around to reading Desert. (It’s on my ereader somewhere.
I agree we have to start doing everything we can right now. But it feels like we are going to need a gargantuan effort to break the momentum of the status quo.

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