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Rekka and I don't have smartphones, we use small waterproof radios to synchronize when one of us is running errands in town.

I can't recommend these enough for resilient decentralized communication.

[de] Hallo Ihr alle 👋
Wir sind eine Gruppe queerer Menschen aus Dresden, die eine alternative Pride-Veranstaltung für später dieses Jahr organisieren.
Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

[en] Hi everyone 👋
We're a group of queers from Dresden who are organising an alternative Pride event for later this year.
We're looking forward to you!

#introduction #introductions

I would also love it if @gingerrroot got some financial recognition for co-creating the FediBlock tag, at its peak it was a fantastic resource for helping to stamp some of the garbage down in this rubbish bin of a social network. We should get into the habit of continuing using it imo, if you feel unsafe doing so DM me and I'll do it for you. They're currently unemployed, and not enough thanks has been made to them, now's a good time to tip for that. You can do that here:

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Help Needed!

anyone in the Fediverse have experience navigating the United States mental health systems? Particularly with any knowledge of longer term residential MH facilities and how to talk to mental health social workers.

I am helping a loved one, and trying to figure it out mostly on my own.. and it’s real hard.

Boosts very welcome.


The words are thicc, the back is sticc.

Reads: "Abolish the Police" in swoletariat white letters on a black background.

These high-quality stickers are priced to sell in quantity, so that you can decorate your block, protect an area from fascist recruiting, and give them to sympathetic friends and family.

4.25"x2.75" oval-shaped sticker with black screen-printed on white vinyl.
Original design by Municipal Adhesives.

Available at:

What an amazing headline :

It's like something a hack writer would put in a novel as a too on-the-nose attempt at commentary.


I've put up with Gargron's incompetence for too long. Moderation is barely there, if at all. There's still a fucking TERF and an antivaxx chud roaming around there despite being reported over the past couple of days, and this isn't even the first time some chud has been reported and nothing done about it until further action gets taken by people outside of that instance.



We're going to defederate from, & in 7 days. It's taken us a long time to do this, and we're giving this notice now because we know this will cut off a significant number of mufos from each other. We hope you can either find alts or convince your friends to move instances. The next toot will explain why we are taking this drastic step.

What do y'all think about the general strike happening in October? Do you think it'll be successful?

Hello! I'm new here so I decided I'd say hi! How is everyone?

Today marks the 9Years aniversary of the Revolution in #Rojava. :Rojava :flag_rojava:

It is important to remember the period of severe dryness in #Syria that lasted from 2006-2011, leading to major crop failures, livestock collapse, and water shortages in many rural areas. These climate change induced economic challanges, were met by austerity politics and violent repression of demonstrations.

Eventually the Revolution in Rojava was capable of creating a political system that is based on environmentalism, feminism and democratic confederalism. Unfortunate war against them has never stopped. Turkeys fascist still aim to wipe them out. That includes burning down forests and tree farms.

While you, who is reading this, probably cares about the climate crisis, here's a project that focuses on environmental protection and rebuilding in the mids of this revolution. Here's how you can support them:

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