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Hello everyone. I'm a music student based in Brazil (sadly). Currently I'm researching about post-colonialism in contemporary music. I'm also interested in agroecology.

Amsterdam people:

I'd like to set up an affinity group for activists who live in/nearby Amsterdam to collect information about actions for various causes and go together.

Currently I haven't found a single organisation I can join that organizes actions for all causes I'd like to stand up for. There are climate movements, anti-discrimination movements (also often seperate) and many others but I can't keep a clear overview of all - perhaps due to my autism.

I would like to work together with others who care about social *and* climate justice to make it easier to know about all relevant actions and prepare/attend together.

Would anyone here (know anyone who might) like to join?

#amsterdam #netherlands

Great essay on Chinese state-capitalist repression in Xinjiang and its connection to the “Global War on Terror”.

Let's give this #introduction a try!

I am a French blasian cis man. I do sysadmin and AV archiving stuff on a daily basis. On my free time I start fun projects and generally never finish them.

There is another masto account I have on a mainstream french instance but I am not fond of crowdy places and I got kind of put off by the toxic "libriste" behavior the same way I got put off with rock music.
I have a growing interest in black studies and anti-colonial activism which are, sadly, not really highlighted in France to say the least...

This instance seems like a cool place where I could remember everyone's name and I feel alright with the general stance.
And I must say the domain name is dope.

How about no? 🤔 👎

Every new airport cements the fossil fuel system a little more and brings us closer to climate collapse.

Vaca Muerta is the 2d largest reserve of shale gas in the world and Shell & other international fossil giants want to drill for it at the cost of the local environment and the violation of indigenous rights.

#CleanGasIsADirtyLie #VacaMuerta #NotHereNotAnywhere #ClimateJustice

This is your requisite April Fool's post.

It is the video for “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

Please follow the hyperlink below and be pranked.

Thank you for your time.

Land Forces ’21 is a global arms expo hosted in Meanjin (Brisbane) in June

is a campaign coalition incl. anti-militarist, feminist, first nations, refugee, climate action + other community groups working together to protest the expo

All the major weapons companies will be at Land Forces '21, alongside Australian Defence Force representatives, plus Defence Ministers and trade delegations from over 70 nations.


Examples of the inequality of flying:
🇺🇸 USA: just 12% of people take 66% of flights
🇫🇷 France: 50% of flights are taken by 2%
🇬🇧 UK: 15% of the population take 70% of flights
🇨🇳 China: 5% of households took 40% of flights

90% of the 🌎 population do not fly in a given year.

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The indigenous peoples of Latin America are by far the best guardians of the regions’ forests, according to a UN report, with deforestation rates up to 50% lower in their territories than elsewhere.

anti-black racism 

update on football having a huge racism problem: a Slavia Prague player abused a black Rangers player on the pitch during a match on Thursday. In order to deflect from their player being racist, Slavia claimed that he was assaulted by the player he abused after the game, which tbh would've been good but seems to be made up in order to try and get sympathy from the "punching racists is bad" crowd (they claimed to have reported it to the police, police say they haven't, etc)

After german Ministry of the Interior threatend to illegalize 'Rote Hilfe' last year, many took the step and joined in! Now, more than 10.000 lend a hand and a dollar for 'Out of Action' support such as legal information, financial support on lawsuits or fines and, maybe most important, immediately taking first legal aid on your behalf after taken into custody. #RoteHilfe #ErmittlungsAusschuss

A small contribution to the fight against the historical erasure of armed struggle for Black liberation.

Four martyred anti-imperialist guerrillas who fought the french-installed neocolonial regime in Cameroon / Kamerun:

• Ernest Ouandié (publicly executed 15 january 1971)
• Martin Singap (killed 8 september 1961)
• Elisabeth Djouka (executed ~1969?)
• Félix Moumié (assassinated 3 november 1960)

Not as well known as Ruben Um Nyobè or Mongo Beti but just as dedicated.

#Françafrique #Cameroun

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