#Rojava 🗣️ | “El estado de ocupación turco ataca sistemáticamente a los ciudadanos que adoptan el proyecto de la nación democrática y la hermandad de los pueblos, además de atacar en primer lugar a las mujeres”, denunció Rehan Luqo
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Hello Workers in the Fediverse!

We are happy to be here and no longer only on the "social" media of the surveillance capitalists.

This is the official channel of FAU Berlin, an independent grassroots union in the tradition of anarcho-syndicalism. We report on our labour struggles in the General Syndicate Berlin and beyond. We post in English and in German.

Please understand that there will be crossposts from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well.

Also visit our website and learn how to become a member: berlin.fau.org/

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global warming, insects 

I’m seeing butterflies everywhere here in central Texas and I’m just hurt. I know it’s about to get bad cold, killing them and likely all their freshly laid eggs, along with the remaining flowers.

They should be in their cocoons, hibernating, but global warming is messing up their cycle.

We are losing our insects right from under our noses and we don’t talk about it enough with global warming. I fear all that will be left eventually are crickets, spiders, and mosquitoes.

En el programa de diciembre de Radio Kobane hemos aprovechado que el día 10 de diciembre fue el día internacional de los derechos humanos para hacer una crítica de los mismos, más que nada centrándonos en las vulneraciones del Estado turco de los mismos. A continuación hemos hablado un poco de la importacia del internacionalismo hoy en día.. irolairratia.org/2021/12/14/20 via @VLCambKurdistan@twiter.com #Kurdistan #FreeÖcalan #Rojava #turquia #Erdogan #LausanneFailure #ISIS #PKK #europa #feminisme #jineolojî

can y’all help a black mom and daughter get groceries for christmas?

this year has been hard on my mom and me. first of all i’ve been suffering from the effects of long covid (got it before the vax was released), while mom is on disability, so money has been tight. i’m hoping to raise some money so she doesn’t have to worry about making dimes stretch on christmas day.

This place seems cool, wish more people used it though

Hey zine people: This is a PSA that if you want to make your content accessible both online and in print, you need multiple versions:
--An imposed PDF for printing
--A regular PDF for digital viewing
--A text/html version for people who use screen readers, and easier republishing

**Omicron cases doubling at least every 3 days, WHO says**

"Global health agency says there are 'still limited data' on the clinical severity of the new variant."


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Labor victory for Massachusetts Nurses 

#labor: tentative agreement between Massachusetts Nurses union and St. Vincent Hospital ends 9 month Nurses strike (if ratified) telegram.com/story/news/2021/1

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The airborne Zapatista delegation has returned to their respective towns & positions in the mountains of southeastern Mexico in good health. “The fight is not over. We still have so much to learn from & share with you. See you soon, compas.”🖤❤️✊🏿🔥enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx/20

🐦🔗: twitter.com/VIM_Media/status/1

so you're telling me multi-tab browsing chads existed back then too???

Lupita's GFM has hit 2,500k!!!
Let's keep helping her pls

She's a queer Caribbean writer and escaped an abusive relationship! Were trying to help her rebuild her life, every little bit counts. Pls rb, crosspost and or donate if you can! Thank you to everyone helping
If you would like to help but not use GFM, please shoot me a message and Ill give you my venmo/cashapp info

thank you to everyone who has boosted & donated!!


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