germany literally just banned headscarves, kippas, beards, dreads and some more stuff for public workers and no one is talking about it wow
and the worst part is that this all started bc of cops having nazi tattoos and they wanted to have a law to ban this but instead of just banning the tattoos or tattoos in general they went THIS way??!?!?

Black Lives Matter March
Saturday, May 1st; noon at the Whatcom County Courthouse (311 Grand Ave)
Bring Water / Be Water / 🖤

We will be in attendance with our mobile literature distro! Zines available by donation ~

Oil firm bosses’ pay ‘incentivises them to undermine climate action’

Lucrative pay and share options linked to continued extraction of fossil fuels by ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell and BP

We should fire the board of directors. #ShellMustFall

This is the story of a relentless fifteen-year nonviolent people's uprising against one of the world’s most destructive predators - Shell Oil - in Mayo County, Ireland. Harassed by mercenaries and maligned by the media; local residents fought the destructive Corrib Gas project.

We started a journal covering progress on our communal campsite project. There is more information about the project on our website which is the new url. The old one will forward to the new one still. Here is the first issue. In the gallery are some photos from lents park yesterday where the police killed a unarmed houseless person while running away with hands up.

Scrub the shit out of your photos and videos before posting them. If you do not; you are just being an (in)direct agent of the system that systematically taking advantage of BIPOC and allies.

Don't wonder, start acting.

Urgent mutual aid request for Black comrade in housing crisis.

Has been living in unsafe situation and needs to relocate. Currently short approx $250 for rent and utilities.

Please donate and/or share.

Venmo - @patjdee
cashapp - $jpat10
paypal at

Thank you so very much for any and all support.

someone on the bird site asked what their black followers want their nonblack followers to know and ill share mine here (though i will admit i was thinking specifically of yt people at the time):

learn to put your body between black people and violence. chances are the violence will stop or lessen if it sees that you might be the target. it will not stop for me.

#fediblock is hosting users who openly participate in anti-black actions. From observation, weeks have gone past since a black person reported the person who “didn’t see race”. That person is now mocking the whole conversation and the instance moderators and admins have not done anything to restore or protect black people. This instance is my first block so far.

So far just this week the cops have killed what, at least six people this week including two children. People wonder why we call for abolition.
Solidarity with everyone in the streets.


hey Fediverse. new to Mastodon, born on facebook, raised on tumblr.

while you can expect content related to my primary interests–anarchist politics, solarpunk worlds, everything gender and sexuality–i'm also just here for a new social media presence without Big Tech eating my life.

so you'll get memes, memories, musings, and anime at some point.

Allow yourself to be wrong, to make mistakes. How the fuck do you expect yourself to grow as person or to learn something new if you're unable to take risks because you are afraid of doing something wrong?

It's 👏 OK 👏 to 👏 be 👏 wrong 👏👏

good morning ✨ don't forget to work towards the redistribution of wealth and the liberation of colonies and semi-colonies in everything you do 💖

:SCnCC: When climate activists talk about "system change," it shouldn't just be some long-term goal we have in our heads. Here & now, we have to challenge concepts & power structures we might take for granted, even in our meetings, our conversations, & our everyday decisions. We have to be aware that even our small actions (or inaction) can promote some form of discrimination or dominance of one group over another. Only by including as many diverse voices as possible can we keep our privilege in check and slowly address these systemic problems. In a system that normalizes oppression, we as individuals often fail to see problems because we're just so used to it. But it's our duty as activists to correct ourselves collectively, & be there for each other to fight this system — even, & especially when it benefits us too. And like everything, it's a process. No movement is perfect right from the very start, and we have to accept that we will never be perfect. We will constantly have to learn and grow. It's difficult and it will hurt calling out our friends but it has to be from a place of love. & not for the sake of being right or wrong. It's up to us to make sure we listen to others, learn from & correct our mistakes, decenter ourselves, and center & amplify most marginalized communities in order to grow into something better and stronger. That's how we will win 💗

#briar is a messaging app designed for activists, journalists, and anyone else who needs a safe, easy and robust way to communicate.

Unlike traditional messaging apps, Briar doesn’t rely on a central server - messages are synchronized directly between the users’ devices. If the internet’s down, Briar can sync via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi... If the internet’s up, Briar can sync via the Tor network, protecting users and their relationships from surveillance.

In case you happen to reside in Germany, you've probably noticed the effort of the Interior minister to demand from nearly every online operator, to authenticate their users through their passports. (law not passed yet, but being discussed)


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