hahah ooh he he he im just a naughty little worm let me in your computer haha oh oh ho ho ho ill crucnh some data ha ha haheh he

a fembo is when a femboy alt-specs into the himbo/bimbo class tree.

I don't really spend much time on here bc I'm a very not social media person but pls enjoy the infrequent music life shares

working on a commission piece for a friend that starts off with a gnarly 3/4 5/8 alternating rhythm

Your praxis wasn’t as developed or nuanced at 19, 20, 21 either; quit shitting on the baby anarchists, u turd.

TW | Eye Contact 

Living with a pigeon episode 394438374584382824544838348

I wanted to take a selfie with him and he got on my phone. 🤦🏼‍♀️

5 minute sketches.

this website is awesome. its called "line of action" and I got a fuckin membership for next to nothing bc I'm a student and tbh the inclusion when it comes to different bodies is heavenly. I wish they didn't have this "male/female" thing going on but let's see if that changes... otherwise I'll make it.

Ok I found the best account on this platform : @nocontextspongebob

No debate possible, thank you.

One goat with white ears and powerful knees headbutts the fence

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