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If someone put a gun in my hand and put me in mitch mcconnell's vicinity I'd take part in the political process is what I'm saying

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šŸšØ BREAKING: new chrome 0day found where if u open chrome and navigate to sci-hub you can get scientific papers for free

US pol, Minneapolis 

Brooklyn Center police may not need to be defunded if more of them simply quit.

Quitting shouldn't excuse culpability, though.

Until there is justice, there will be no peace.

**Police want Twitter to stop people sharing videos of them**

"An organisation that represents police officers is kicking off about people sharing videos of arrests and other police interactions on social media. Itā€™s calling ā€¦ "

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cops hurting Black man, violence, fundraiser 

A friend of a friend in Charlottesville was attacked so violently by police that he canā€™t work. Help the man out if you can. šŸ’–

be drinking if but everything else. The mutual aid fund is almost non existent at this point. If anyone can throw a few bucks our way $radicalcamping. Or if you're in the PDX area and have things or skills we could use hit us up. We changed the address it's now email also switched too the new domain. Ask the old ones will forward so its no big deal.

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Well it's seems a temporary victory has been achieved at LaurelhurstPark camp in past CalledPortlandOr. The city counsel negotiations with Stop The SweepsPDX had the city agree not to sweep. For now at least. We are at our homecamp now getting prepared. Just got our first bathroom set up and solved the freshwater problem when we discovered an old fire hydroent. So

The environmental impact of producing and driving an electric car is greater than that of producing and driving a gas-powered vehicle. If you must drive a car make the environmentally-correct choice and keep on sucking that dinosaur sludge, or better yet make your own biodiesel. Also, fuck Tesla.

"As night fell and local residents of the predominantly Black low-income community vented their sadness and rage, the progressive state Democrats decided to unleash the full power and fury of the National Guard and an army of local officers." #DaunteWright

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If you order stickers from MN, we will send double the quantity you paid for. Solidarity with rebels in Minneapolis fighting police. :acab:

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