ESTA TARDE | #PacosSinGloria: ManifestaciĆ³n en apoyo al pueblo Colombiano fue reprimida en la comuna de Providencia por los esbirros de PiƱera.

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ESTA TARDE | #Chile: VelatĆ³n en Mapocho en solidaridad con el pueblo colombiano y las vĆ­ctimas del terrorismo de Estado y del #MalGobierno de Duque.

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Usually winter is the worst season for my depression. I feel lately that I am losing touch with all of my spring time hobbies that make this time of year easier. I wonder if anybody here has beaten back the depression monster and maybe has some tips. I often don't leave my bed for anything but the bathroom for days. How do I break this cycle? It's also been accompanied by social anxiety, so going to meet people has been very unappealing.

It seems that the FBI is cultivating a similar relationship within groups like the Proud Boys, in order for them to act as an independent vehicle for violence against the Stateā€™s enemies: autonomous social movements from below.

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"The rally was supposed to be headlined by Republican Rep. Mike Nearman, but he did not speak. Nearman was charged Friday with official misconduct in the first degree" for opening doors at the Oregon capitol to far-Right militants in December.

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Chiapas, Mexico is governed collectively. It's under constant attack by neoliberal forces.

Chiapas produces coffee. Buy it!

Hello and fuck you to the neighbor that stole my little Black Lives Matter sign

#OtD 5 May 1906 during Cinco de Mayo miners at Cananea Copper in Sonora, Mexico, protested against pay discrimination between them and American workers who earned over 40% more. Authorities declared martial law, the following month they went on strike

You know, every time I think we've reached Peak Capitalism, some d-bag in Silicon Valley is all like "hold my beer."

Petition calling for 2K monthly stimulus checks surpasses 2 million signatures...

**Democrats bankrolled by Big Pharma are refusing to back COVID vaccine patent waiver**

"The leading Democratic recipients of pharmaceutical industry cash in Congress are refusing to endorse calls for a temporary suspension of patents for coronavirus vaccines and therapeutics, an indication of Big Pharma's influence as it lobbies aggressively in Washington and elsewhere to maintain monopoly control over producā€¦"

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More than 52 people, including an 11-year-old boy, have been killed in the past six days by police and the army during anti-government protests across the country.
Footage from the #SiloƩ neighbourhood in #Cali on Monday.
Against police State and fascist regimes.



šŸŒ¹ĀæQuĆ© estĆ” pasando en Colombia?
Contado por lxs compas colombianxs.

Parte 1/2:
Parte 2/2:

Por y Pol Andi.


made a stencil based on a poster i saw online and really loved; i modified it a little to make it easier to cut out, but i'm really happy with how it turned out! also i just now realized i forgot to paint in the bowstring, whoops. will do that tomorrow. #punk #diy

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