Anybody here using the pinephone as a daily driver, what can it do, vs what can it not do?

Does signal work?

I'm thinking of getting in on the May batch. I need a new phone and I am sick of android bloatware and not having access to important aspects of how my phone works. Is the pinephone a good option for me?

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@free_appalachia hot take but i went with an iphone se because:

- local encrypted backups on my computer
- won't respond to external usb devices unless unlocked (like cellebrite machines used by cops)
- privacy and security controls (like just today
- device is fully encrypted until pin unlocked at boot

i thought about pinephone but i don't think it's there yet

@free_appalachia i have a friend who works on/tries to break ios and android security stuff which is what persuaded me

@zeitwerke I cant afford an iPhone and one that was gifted to me shattered the screen after being barely dropped on the ground which is way too fragile for my life. I'm bummed that there is still nothing with great specs running Linux and that its taken Linux mobile so long to get off the ground, but also I am doing nothing to really contribute to all of that. I'm very accustom to debian. Getting Debian on a phone seems really nice to me.

@zeitwerke The other downside with the iPhone is like android I was not able to access the internals of my phone which is often frustrating to me. I think for me the freedom to alter the software is important. Maybe more so than being impervious to cellebrite. I would hope as it ruins Linux I could intervene with my phones behavior and change how it responds to USB devices also with some tweaking.

@free_appalachia @zeitwerke yep iphone or android is like being in a rented space; even rooted and with every hack you're still spied on and limited compared to the pinephone.

even the pinephone is using a little proprietary driver so it's not for purist. Purism with the librem did create a 100% free and open source phone but it's far from ready for a daily usage. (really slow)

The problem with linux and the mobile industry is that any hardware that work good enough is heavily licensed.

@free_appalachia @zeitwerke note: I just bought a pinephone a month ago and it should arrive the next month. The "convergence pack".

I'm writing from a salfish OS right now ^^'.

Sailfish, while not being perfect, is still better than android or ios for the privacy concerns.

And because it's a true GNU/Linux, no need of an app to "dd" an iso, ssh to something.. Mosh and any other linux programs are or can be ported... Etc.. Etc..

@free_appalachia I was seriously considering the pinephone to replace my aging feature phone, but decided to get a OnePlus 6T instead because I need a reliable phone that will just work with Verizon. (Most of my research suggested that the Pinephone works most reliably on T-Mobile, but their service is not so good in my area.)

UBPorts lists the 6T as an "in-progress" device, and another project recently got the mainline Linux kernel running on it. Haven't had time to mess with either yet.

@free_appalachia Granted, my needs are not your needs, and the PinePhone is definitely looking good for some users right now. I still hope to pick one up in the future, especially if they ever make a 'pro' model like with the PineBook.

@drewzero1 I had Ubuntu touch on a nexus but it couldn't be updated and lots of stuff didn't work well. Mobian with Phosh looks like it works pretty well. I'm thinking if I get mobian I might be able to run everything I need.

@free_appalachia I use a Braveheart with Debian. I haven't gotten Signal to work (though some have). Matrix works great. I haven't tried a VPN, but there should be nothing stopping it from working.

I think the PinePhone would be a good option for you, as long as you aren't looking on downloading lots of Android apps and are content on tinkering with the phone and seeing what its community has to offer.

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