If you're throwing out tactics that can move us closer to tangible goals, like housing as a human right, Medicare for all, fair food distribution systems, prison Abolition, police/ICE/Law Enforcement Abolition, well funded and functioning mutual aid networks, free education for anybody that wants it, harm reduction as policy, etc... then you don't really want these things. I'm not saying everyone needs to do every tactic, but everybody needs to keep an open mind tactically.

Stop glorifying certain tactics and shaming others, this goes both ways. People on the front lines need to stop shaming people that vote, just as much as people that vote need to stop shaming people on the front lines... when we do that, with radical acceptance of all comrades fighting their own way, this is called solidarity. We need more of it.

@free_appalachia I mean, Ocalan and Bookchin both called for a diversity of tactics.
aand tbh, the 'anarchist' sub-reddits and discord channels need to be all deleted ASAP. There's alotta toxic militant culture there, bashing on pacificts... which is actually getting alotta crippled and neurodivergent people fucked over by cops becuz of it. It's just one big entrapment rlly.

@SoyBoy Yeah, a lot of comrades can't physically fight the police, or afford the court costs associated with doing so and frankly its getting way too many people locked up. People who could've done a lot more outside a cell. That's not to say it's not necessary sometimes, but it's not the only form of resistance and it's usually not even the most effective. When it is effective, asymmetrical tactics are better than face offs with the cops. Some people just want the fight.

@SoyBoy There is tons of stuff anybody can do from just daily illegalism, to voting for politicians that might be easier to get concessions from, to writing theory, propaganda, doing mutual aid, donating to legal funds or funds for supplies and equipment, or crafting equipment or just doing outreach, social work/counseling, cooking, teaching... Militant action is guaranteed to get people hurt and arrested and should be used only in situations that the show of force can succeed.

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