@free_appalachia I hate these takes. Let people call cops pigs. Real pigs don't take offense.

@dirtyhands so much so that you just have to comment on it? I'm going to say this in the nicest, most civil way I can think of, because if you have a solidified opinion, neither of us is likely to change our minds. You may want to reconsider engaging with me because I'm vegan and will post lots of pro-animal-rights takes, so if its really upsetting, probably don't follow me.

@free_appalachia This is honestly why I always tend to refer to cops as just straight up fascists, protectors of the bourgeoisie, “fuckin’ twats”, or something equally shitty.

Like yeah, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to call them pigs and many people know why we’re using it that way, but pigs as animals have never done anything to deserve being conflated with cops and it’s just rude to them in all honesty.

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